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    Quick question...

    I'm just wondering what the best healing spec is for priests(-/-/-)? I love healing... ^^

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    Re: Quick question...

    The one that you enjoy playing. Now, I'm out before this turns to 50 pages long "x is better than y". If you can read and understand English, play with talents and see what each spec provides.

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    Re: Quick question...

    I'll try to preempt as well. X is not better than Y. Y is not better than X. However, X does not equal Y.

    If you'd like help in narrowing it down, answer the following questions (I'm assuming your going to heal PvE):

    (1) Do you want to raid heal or tank heal?

    (2) Do you want to run heroics? 10mans? 25mans?

    (3) If raiding, what other healing classes will your raid with?

    (4) If raid healing, do you prefer HoTs or direct heals?

    And finally, but most important:

    (5) Between Disco and Holy, what tree attracts you the most?

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    Re: Quick question...

    Yeah I wanna heal PvE. I would like to be versatile and be able to do both 10 or 25 man so it's easier for my guild. I don't know what the difference between tank heals and raid heals is.... I prefer direct heals, not HoTs. I would also prefer holy more than disc I suppose. I would rather be a healer healer than a buffer.

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    Re: Quick question...

    Most holy specs are some variation of 14/57/0. The holy talents can vary, but the 14 disc points are pretty much set in stone.

    Here's one that I like: 14/57/0 raid healing spec

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    Re: Quick question...

    0/0/71... It kicks ass

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