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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Hey guys was looking for a sig of a s1 warrior without the helm with black hair and s1 sword Private Sauriol of mannoroth maybe like mid swing coming down not sure about background maybe like jungle (stv or the basin) anything will be great thanks in advance
    80 Warrior
    80 Death knight
    80 Shaman

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Was wondering if I could get a nice sig
    Bleachy of The Nightfall
    80 Retribution Paladin(Blood elf)
    Dawnbringer US

    So you can see the type of gear to implement.

    Would like it to be a dark picture, maybe a belf with avenging wrath but like in a shadow. Have some reds/grays in there. Shadowing and over lays are great. Love fading. Lots of shapes/random designs/Sharp edges type designs are great looking too.

    Hopefully someone decides to go at. Will be very pleased. Thank you ahead of time.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by xSoul
    Awesome! I love it =]
    I wanted something with a little more dark colors, but I don't think you can do that with the pic I gave Q_Q
    But this one is pretty good, thanks =D
    sorry for being an "ass" and saying that the image was bad :P redid it with some darker colors

    Quote Originally Posted by IRunSoFarAway View Post
    if they do not want do, they do not want do, please move along, the children wane.
    yeah, if they do not want do, the do not want to :-D

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarkoth
    Hey, I know you're prob very busy working on your own designs and other sigs etc but wondering if you have time for a fellow mage!

    Name - Zarkoth
    Guild - Null
    Server - Nordrassil EU

    Here are two pictures where I want it set in, one has a proto drake the other is without, choice whichever you think will work best, really. Obvious the pics need scaling down to a sig size btw

    Walking - http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=vgjs02&s=3
    On Proto - http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=ws7ih4&s=3

    What I'm looking for is a fiery background, as if I just burnt the trees in the background and i'm walking away from it, the ground on fire (grass) would look pretty awesome too. Also, if it's not too much trouble, could the info (Name, Guild, Server) be written in some kind of flame writing?

    But seriously, if it seems like a big ask and will be time consuming don't bother!

    Oh and thanks a lot for the awesome UI, been using it for a couple of months now and it makes Ulduar look pretty! <3

    Cheers, will be in touch.


    First of all, please don't PM me about sigs, I wont reply after this one.

    Second, I didn't go with your request because it's just WAY too much work for a free signature. I'm not gonna go into heavy picture manipulation for a wow sig, sorry.

    anyway, enjoy..

    (This signature was removed for violation of the Avatar & Signature Guidelines)

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Hello folks! Am happy to help create artwork-- whether it be signatures for forum posts or guild banners, avatars or desktop wallpapers involving your character/guild logo. I prefer World of Warcraft related character art requests, as that is the game I am most familiar with.

    Just feel free to cut-n-paste the following form below, and email it to me directly @ [email protected] with the proper info for your character filled out. I'll see what I can do for you! Have a bit of free time to myself lately, so hopefully I'll be able to knock out a few requests for folks. If anyone cares to see samples of my artwork, please visit either of the 2 links posted here in this message. If you wish me to use or include any particular art / backgrounds / fonts etc along with your artwork -- please attach them to the details of your request via email. As always when asking someone to do artwork for you, the more detailed your request, the more complete and rewarding the finished product can be. Thx!

    Galleries of my Artwork:

    1. http://minaah.deviantart.com/
    2. http://gabrielle.elfwood.com/


    -- Artwork Request Form--

    Character name(s):
    Guild name (if applicable):
    Type of artwork needed: banner / signature / desktop wallpaper ?
    Details: (please list here any special fonts / colors / armor types or sets / backgrounds / textual quotes wanted / you'd like used along with the artwork you are requesting).

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Amazing stuff, I'm getting in line!

    Request: 800x400 image, male nelf druid in t8.5 - wielding Val'anyr - riding one of those glowing core hounds - towards the Lich King. Emphasis on the lightning textures as Val'anyr meets Frostmourne in the picture.

    Image text:
    Confidence is not arrogance

    Good luck to anyone bold enough to try.

    PS: Respect to all the work done in this thread, great initiative - OP.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Elaniriel
    Looking for: Avatar and Signature

    Signature: I would like the signature to be approximately 400 by 150 pixels, (re-adjust if that is bigger than the normal signature lengths, I forgot how big they are supposed to be), and that the signature is split diagonally from the top left to bottom right. The left side should have a purple-ish background color, preferably with some wisps of smoke/hints of spirits, with a male night elf priest in shadow form, in full tier 6, looking towards the right. In this half, it should say in small Elaniriel, Closed Circle, Scarshield Legion. If possible, also add somewhere the letters TBC, to signify that this was during TBC. On the right side, I'd like a male night elf priest, this time in normal form, looking towards the left. Here it should be bright, with holy/discipline colors, (here I mean that Discipline -> white-ish, and holy are yellow colors), with a glimpse of light from the top left corner, (though only in the top half where the night elf in normal form is). Here, please add Elaniriel, (no guild and no server, in case I transfer), with the letters WotLK added somewhere. You can pick between t7.5 or t8.5 gear, whichever you think looks the best

    Avatar: I'm not too picky about this, just something that ties in with the signature.

    Thank you to whoever takes up the challenge, couldn't find any pictures that I wanted, so I'm leaving it up to you

    EDIT: Also, if there's something you like to change because it wouldn't go together artistically, then go ahead and do it, I'm sure I'll still be psyched over the result. Only thing I am picky of is that t6-priest needs to be in t6, and must be in shadowform
    Shall do this.
    ~ Happily priest since 2006 ~

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Character name(s): Kadyn (night elf druid)
    Server: Dawnbringer
    Guild name (if applicable): Azeroth Sentinels
    Type of artwork needed: signature
    Details: Im a feral druid so druid gear would be cool, pref arena gear as i am headed towards glad this season

    something similar to style would be amazing

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    im curious about all the really good work in this thread

    so i thought it would be a could idea to get some help here with my new signature.. yeah well its pretty and so on but theres something missing and maybe someone here got a clue? :/

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Looking for someone to create a splash page type size or even background size if you are up to it. Would like it to be a human priest and a night elf feral druid back to back with a blackish background. Name of Feral druid = Kadyn. Name of priest = Lottery. Add an arena name of "Big Ole Critties" in there would be great.

    would like this to be rather simplistic and to the point

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Ok, I would love to have a new sig created. It might be a bit of a project for someone, but I've already gone ahead and done some of the work.

    I'm looking for a double sig that has both of my characters in one. You can put the toons back to back and have them doing their thing, or you can put them on opposite sides, your choice.

    Resto Druid
    Guild:Lucid Dream
    Since he's resto I'd love for a nature theme in the back, even something a bit dark and evil. The picture I've created has my toon casting a tranquility, but if you could just add some green glow around his hands it would be like a LB or rejuv and look absolutely bad ass. Here's the picture: http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/l...92/Elorgar.gif

    Prot Pally
    Guild:Lucid Dream
    I went with the whole t6/BT theme. I've included two pictures so you have a bit of freedom in what you want to do with this toons section. I was thinking a dark type background, hell even a BT pic as the background. The first picture is my pally casting what looks like avenger's shield, so if you choose this one you'd probably have to add a holy disk and some glow to the pic.http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/l..._Shieldavi.gif
    The next pic is of my toon blocking. I was thinking about maybe fading in a bosses weapon (maybe even a warglaive since we're going with the t6/BT themeO.o) smacking the shield. http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/l...ld_Block-1.jpg

    As for the text, you don't really need to make the server and guild name big since it will be under each toons name. I would probably make it really small, but still able to be read.

    This is a bit of a request, but I hope I've helped you out by creating the toon pics already. I'm sure if you decide to make this you could make it absolutely bad ass, and I thank you in advanced for hopefully choosing to take on this awesome task.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    IDK if you are still doing these, Personaly I have no prefrence on how you make it. I am easily pleased.

    Server: PvP Frostwolf
    Faction: Horde
    Race: Orc
    Class: Death Knight
    Spec: Frost / Unholy
    Guild: Tang Dynasty

    I like dark colours!!!

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Muhle
    sorry for being an "ass" and saying that the image was bad :P redid it with some darker colors

    It's all good
    That's so awesome, thankssssssssss =D

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    character : belanar a female dwarf warrior with long dark blue ish hair
    guild name : Guardians of destiny (dont need to include unless its with pwetty letters)
    server : hellscream (eu)
    artwork : signature/avatar
    details: colours (green/blue) id like it to have the epic feeling if possible and yes its my first time posting, heres a links of the char in action, also id like the name to be written on the right upper corner with the letters that suit the whole picture best

    if you want to use a model viewer for it or what ever its fine with me but id like the char to have the exact same stuff like hair/face/skincolor

    also 1 signature for my former main
    char: Volxjin human paladin with blond pony tail
    details : hmm, something with orange/yellow combination and id like the name written on left upper corner in shiny letters here be piccy
    THIS ABOUT DRUID! druid is most fast in the yellow cat. how catch yellow cat when so fast? i try BUT NO VERY SPEEDY! i need the help against druid. please blizzard mans make not more power on druid :*(
    wise words

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Hope someone can make a sign for me! ;D

    Name: Charlez
    Class: Paladin

    Basicly want a sign with a male blood elf (as he is) and like holy light flash around but also some dark / evil colours.

    Just give it a try and send it to me! <3

    Thanks in advance<3

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Damn i made a picture in paint but dunno how to include it here....anyway..

    i want a picture with a Dwarf Warrior Wearing T7.5 helm and shoulders and the WSG (silverwing) tabard.
    i want it to show like half the character, ending at like the stomach (want half of the wsg tabard visible)
    where the body ends at the bottom, i want a Armageddon sword lying Horizontally(spelling i know) with the text "Klant <Short but deadly> Sylvanas" On the blade, looking like it was carved into the blade.

    The background is going to be a Purple / black maelstrom swirly thingy



    If this thing above is the blade, i want the "...." part covererd in blood

    Hope this was informative enought

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Looking for Character Sig:
    was wanting something with the names of all my toons in a font matching there class/race all in one sig with a horde background of some sort
    Orc DK: Prophet
    BE Lock: Chaos
    Troll Shaman: VooDoo
    Tauren Druid: Leafy

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Well I was hoping I could find an artist here prepared to make me a signature.

    Rather than give a long list of details as to what I want I'll just pretty much point to this style of sig

    Anything close to this wud be phenominal and much appreciated though naturally I wouldn't expect it to be that well made if it would be far too time consuming.

    This is pretty much what my char looks like
    The chars name is Háb of <Nemea> Grim'Batol. If anybody can assist me it would be appreciated.

    Regards, Hab

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    I would love for one of the photoshop artists to try and create a sig for my Death Knight. Maybe something splashed with a blood red (Im Blood specced) or even something with the Icecrown in the background

    Class : Death Night
    Gender : Female
    Race: Night Elf
    Hair Colour : White

    Server : Darkspear (US)
    Guild : Conquest

    In case it's overlooked all death knights have glowing blue eyes

    The markings on my chars face are the two arch's that go through the eyes to the mouth

    Im wearing Full T8 (helm not shown) with Aesir's Edge as my weapon

    Thanks in advance, i'm really curious as to what could be done

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny3
    Name: Ðanny
    Class: Warlock
    Race: Male Orc
    Server: Area 52
    Something with me on my drake in it would be awesome http://img197.imageshack.us/i/wowscr...009191817.jpg/ , Maybe Sindragosa in the background, Thanks ahead of time
    Here, like the drake so i had to do yours :P hope you like it

    Quote Originally Posted by Muhle
    not the best at PS but i was bored, and i just made something, if any horde shaman (duh) wants this tell me your name and what not you want


    And from now on i'll make something someone has requested, wanted to do that ret pala, but saw aeesha did it already :P
    Still up for grabs
    Quote Originally Posted by IRunSoFarAway View Post
    if they do not want do, they do not want do, please move along, the children wane.
    yeah, if they do not want do, the do not want to :-D

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