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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Character name: Prets
    Guild name: <is so serious right now>
    size: forum sig
    details: i would like and alliance flag in the picture, and the colors should be blue/black

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Got a complicated request for a photoshop pro here:

    1. Human male mage with T8.5 with the helm on Wielding Runescribed blade as mainhand and Leviathan fueling manual as off-hand
    2. A type of stylish blue back ground (Think Tribal-esque)
    3. Just finishing a cast of fireball and the fireball traveling from right to left (The mage standing on the left side of the Signature) and in the trail of the Fireball Spelling "Permafrostx"
    4. Guild name "Council of the dedicated" can be abbreviated "CoTD" if needed
    5. Server would be Garona US.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Congrats to the major responses you've gotten for this and great submissions. I suppose I might as well throw in a request.

    Something that looks like this...

    seems like the image isn't working for me so... http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/9418/lighthoof.jpg

    But with a night elf male warrior, in t1/2 with Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood to a t6/Sunwell night elf male warrior with Vanir's Right Fist of Brutality and Mounting Vengeance to a t8.5 night elf female =P warrior with Lotrafen, Spear of the Damned.

    As to show the progress I have made through out the 5-6 years I have played this game.

    I'd like it to represent the transitions I have been through with each expansion, starting with vanilla wow in the middle, BC on the left and WotLK to the right. Ratio wise... Vanilla's character would be about 50% of WotLK's while BC's would be 75% of WotLK if it would help.

    Whether it be a signature or wallpaper(1400x990), they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and reading to this, and if you decide to respond.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Name: Rajadin
    Race: Blood elf female
    Class: paladin

    Something with t8 or possible some t6

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    -- Artwork Request Form--

    Character name(s): Storkniv of Darnassus
    Server: Ravencrest EU
    Guild name (if applicable): <Is Back>
    Type of artwork needed: Forum signature
    Details: Id like some kind of restorative background and theme, since i am a resto shaman. green and leaves works well there. Im a Female Draenei, and would like a picture where the character is wearing t7.5 without show helmet, and maybe even while casting some kind of heal (healing wave, lesser healing wave). And if its possible while wearing a 1h and shield. And i want my name + my beloved title, "Of Darnassus". The rest is up to your imagination, there should be enough for you to work with i hope

    Thanks upfront for any time and effort put into making me a happy space goat, i really appriciate it

    - Storkniv, Ravencrest EU

    -Signature made by Rayde

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Hey guys, great work so far on all the banners. Thanks for being nice enough to actually touch up everyones guild banners and forum sigs.
    My request is to do something with our guild banner.

    That's what I've got so far but it's a bit boring.
    The guild is Valhalla, server is Jubei'thos, Alliance.
    If you could somehow keep the Valhalla image on the left and the text on the right, it would be great. The theme is norse so if there could be a tie-in on that, it would be great.
    Thanks again guys!

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    If someone could put this together that would be awesome...

    Name: Crusader Ydun
    Race: Blood Elf (female)
    Class: Paladin
    Guild: <Solace>
    Realm: Cho'gall-US

    Have a dark style background showing that its taking place somewhere in icecrown but something with her charging some undead (a few ghouls or skeletons) from the right. Wearing the gear that she has. Maybe have on Avenging Wrath. Whatever works best

    Also if it wasn't to much trouble something like Aeesha's Druid Sig, with the pally having a golden/yellow aura for holy, and then the undead having a black or purple aura (you know something evil :P).

    Thank you to whoever does this in advance, ill be very grateful

    Will be popping in a screenshot for hair color and hairstyle and whatever else you can take off.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    I have a request for a sig.
    Size: 300x200
    Background: I couldn't find anything I like, so if you got anything kind orange it would be nice
    Character: Gnome Warlock in T8 http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/..._blue_male.jpg
    Name: Exult, but just leave the one from the background.
    Extras: If possible, make one exactly like I said, and another one with additional things (anything you think it would add to the sig, thanks)

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Hope my request is not too hard for many photoshop people.

    I just need this guild logo spruced up a bit and polished.

    Thanks in advance,

    Edit: Also any advice as to what can be changed on it
    When a cat is dropped, it ALWAYS lands on its feet; and when toast is dropped, it ALWAYS lands with the buttered side down.
    Therefore, I propose to strap buttered toast to the back of a cat. When dropped, the two will hover, spinning inches above the ground.
    A "buttered-cat array" could easily allow a high-speed monorail to link between New York with Chicago.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Hiya! If anyone is interested in helping me by making a forum sig, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Character name: Jugganot
    Server: Stonemaul US
    Class: Paladin
    Gear: Tier 6 if possible
    Gender: Male

    Theme: Theres two possible ones, which ever is easier to do is fine.
    Jugganot walking towards the veiwer with a blazing sun behind him;
    or his face on the edge of the sig, sort of like this
    | info here face here |


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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Harris92xx
    Heya! I'm requesting a forum signature, and would just like the following included:
    Server/guild name: Demise - Burning Blade
    Character's name: Khaze
    Here's some photos to work with, thanks!
    <prefer this first one

    Looking for something like these:

    Not quite like the others, but i'm very tired :P tell me if you want anything changed


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    yeah, if they do not want do, the do not want to :-D

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    I've seen some quality work in this thread. I wish I had the skill with photoshop that some of you have.

    I'm asking for a simple Guild forum photo. (one for the top of the home page)

    Guild Name: Outbreak

    Something kinda dark in nature with the lettering in red. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Merathy
    Like i quote

    Here is how i think it would look good (I know, my paintskill is -10)

    The whole picture should be in blue an white
    You can use another font
    When the drawed lines hit the letters, that painted should go around the letter (hope you know what i mean)

    Thanks in advance
    I know it's been filled and finished, but I figured I'd give it a shot. It's been a while since I've messed with photoshop, but I used to design logo's and websites professionally. It's not exactly what was requested, but I assure you it will look a lot better in screenshots than an oval logo would. Anyway, here it is.

    If the original requester would like this, please drop me a line at my email, which you can find in my profile, or hit me up in game. Steadlur on Sargeras (US).

    I'm also open to filling anymore requests if anyone would like something from me. I don't really do signatures, but I can help with logo's.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    What about one from my toon?
    Bovalicious, arms warrior, <Pride>
    But, if possible, something different from all the warrior sigs, where you have that bad looking big guys covered in steel trying to stick a polearm inside your holes.
    something that shows all the charisma taurens have :P

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    I have a request I'm a bit tired of my *Àsgard - EU Suramar 1000 agil, 5k AP bla bla* banner and I'd like to have one pretty much like that :

    (that's just a quick sketch, I don't know/care about the proportions, take the classic ones )

    I like the fact of my druid's square being bigger because it's my main

    So :
    - Warlock, Druid, Paladin I don't know about the font/size...
    - Warlock : ømbremiel - gnome female, destro specced (don't know how to type the capital ø)
    - Druid : Àsgard - female night elf Feral specced
    - Paladin : Shinaniganz - prot specced draenei female (yes I know it's a rip off but I just loved that nick when I first saw it and had to copy it )
    - Eutopia is my guild, and EU-Suramar obviously my server

    I have NO idea what to put in the boxes, I don't really like have a screenshot of my chars because they change in time (gear, haircut, ...) so surprise me.
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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by JuggaNOT
    Hiya! If anyone is interested in helping me by making a forum sig, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Character name: Jugganot
    Server: Stonemaul US
    Class: Paladin
    Gear: Tier 6 if possible
    Gender: Male

    Theme: Theres two possible ones, which ever is easier to do is fine.
    Jugganot walking towards the veiwer with a blazing sun behind him;
    or his face on the edge of the sig, sort of like this
    | info here face here |



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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Argarock
    Ok so I got this idea to a guild pic...

    Guildname: Ashes of Glory
    Frostwhisper Eu

    In the front, a Fury warr in Full t6 gear DW-ing Warglaives, Doing a /roar or w/e

    In the back, a Phoenix, rising / flying uppwards from the ashes..

    The entire scenery is in flames : >

    it would be awesome If someone could do this ;D


    Afraid I'm not terribly good with making creative fonts, so perhaps somebody else could finish this out with the guild name and server and whatnot.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kadyn
    Were you looking for something like this (due to the fact that the pvp gear would've looked like crap because I dont have modelviewer atm, so I used T7.5):

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Asgard
    <snip> suprise me
    Races and names of the chars?

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    Re: [Photoshop] Looking for work?



    Some of the more "WOW" ish materiale ive made. Stilll abit sketchy though. Think i allso have a half finish Patchwerk some where on the harddisk as well..
    Made a guild frontpage illus for 2-3 years ago aprox, was kinda fun work i wouldnt mind doing again really..

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