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    So, after a signature break I decided to try to get started again. I made this one for a WoW friend, tried a few new things.

    Please note that I'm not taking requests. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ql1max View Post
    Claiming this one, i will edit this post when its done
    Done Shanush!

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    Would like to request a avatar and matching sig.

    Visible text: Starfox (name of toon)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: Worgen Boomkin form
    Your pose: casting starsurge with like a long trial from the cast
    General colour scheme: night theme stars/moon so a dark theme

    Mnay thanks in advance cant really describe what im seeing in my head if you get me.

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    Wow some amazing artwork on here, would like to request one for myself

    Visible text: Tantey of THATS NO MOON, Jubei'thos.

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: not allowed to post linkes yet >< armoy same as 'visible text', its a US server.

    Gear set: shaman tier 12 (heroic or normal, whichever matches the scheme)

    Helm visible: no

    Your pose: side shot of face with some shoulders in there.

    General colour scheme: Red and black/dark grey + lighting! (im ele). background like when a thunderstorm breaks out in the plume of smoke from a bushfire or errupting volcano.


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    I was up late with the toddler so I played around a bit. I used a couple of different techniques and I think it came out neat. I'm still a "toddler" at this so it may look like it came out of a ginder to anyone but me (Not for MMO-Champ)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safhira View Post
    I was up late with the toddler so I played around a bit. I used a couple of different techniques and I think it came out neat. I'm still a "toddler" at this so it may look like it came out of a ginder to anyone but me (Not for MMO-Champ)

    The depth on this is pretty cool, but that blue fractal thing doesnt seem to fit

    Ending it is all I fucking think about, that's the shit I think about
    All alone, bawling 'til my mothafuckin' eyes bleed

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    Quote Originally Posted by CryptFiend View Post
    What Do you mean?
    I think he means Photoshop

    Quote Originally Posted by Ricen View Post
    Yo so ive been kinda watching some vids about different techniques, how much different is Ps, from Mac to PC?
    As far as i'm aware, there no difference what so ever! should be the same!

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    I've recently lost my drivers license (pro shit right there), need to get it back.

    So basically j
    ust dropping by to say that I'm not accepting any PM requests whatsoever right now, so you may stop asking.

    Keep up the work and constructive criticism ya'll c:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrunch View Post
    I think he means Photoshop
    Well Of course...

    Ending it is all I fucking think about, that's the shit I think about
    All alone, bawling 'til my mothafuckin' eyes bleed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ql1max View Post

    Ashe <3 I love playing her

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    Awesome stuff here, nice work.

    I'd like to request a signature.

    Visible text: Gwein <Rosmo Roopet>
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: Doh, can't post links yet, but Gwein at Zenedar, EU.
    Gear set: Tier 12
    Helm visible: Yes please.
    Your pose: Some tanky pose, similar to the night elf female idle animation between autoattacks in combat.
    General colour scheme: Dark red, firelands style.
    Any extras: An enraged look/feel to it would be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonfictionless View Post
    Visible text: Nonfiction, The Exalted <Disband>
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ction/advanced
    Gear set: I would like to be wearing his current gear only with, Pauldrons of Roaring Flame and wearing Helm of Blazing Glory and instead of his current shield, I would like Shard of Torment
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: I would like him in a defensive position as seen like you were facing my character. Sword off the side shield held at the ready. Like I have something targeted to attack but I am out of range, if that helps.
    General colour scheme: Black, red, and white. Spattered around, kind of like what Elysia did here but have the red bits look more like fire, as if they were burning through the background.
    Any extras: I would like for him to centered but if you find that the signature looks better with him off to the side or something please feel free to change it. Lastly I would appreciate if you could also provide a avatar to match, much like my current one that Brienna has done.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to pm me if anything was unclear ^.^
    The wallpaper on that same request is still up for grabs, though.


    All done.

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    Deleted request.
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    Hey there, if anyone could please do this for my friend for a non-MMO/C site, I would be very grateful

    Visible text: (Nomojoforyou Boulderfist EU P R I M E)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...oryou/advanced
    Gear set: T12Helm visible: No
    Your pose: Casting
    General colour scheme: Blueish Shamany, dark on the outside getting lighter as it goes in
    Any extras: Totems surround my character, and a sort of 'elements' theme.

    As I mentioned this is for a friend and a non-MMO/C site, so if any artist could pick this up and do what you like, add your own style /etc, it would be nice, once again, thanks

    Edit: Oh, and both him and I suck with using art on computers, so a avatar of the face shot would be nice as well please!
    --KGS 10 Man[3/7HC]-Boulderfist-EU-Thanks to Resentful for the awesome sig--

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    I'd like to request a signature.

    Visible text: Dreamed (preferably with this type of font, but it doesn't matter too much)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s.../t12heroic.jpg
    Gear set: t12 heroic shaman gear
    Helm visible: showing please (although granted it is a shaman helm and doesn't cover the face as much)
    Your pose: something similar to this signature:
    not too much of a close up though but still with the tilted head as a 'bust' (nothing below the upper chest shown please). and if possible, keep it realistic looking like the above signature, don't really fancy the cartoonish look as much.
    but if anything, I'd like it to be similar to the style annalee1225 uses.
    Any extras: a reddish/black theme. and of course, size restrictions appropriate for mmo-champion.

    thanks in advance to whoever does this request!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CryptFiend View Post
    Well Of course...
    Then why ask what he means???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrunch View Post
    Then why ask what he means???
    I think CryptFiend wanted to know if there was something particular Ricen wanted to know so he could give a specified answer. Photoshop has an extreme verity of functions. Considered Ricen said he had seen quite a few movies, he may have had questions about a certain function in Photoshop. It was a very broad and open question, and the people who have answered it so far, have only given a general answer.
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    Got a question about Photoshop or WMV? Feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can help.

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    i was getting some practice w/ the lights & shadows, what you guys think?:

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    Quote Originally Posted by annalee1225 View Post
    PM Request

    Love the font of Divinity! whats the name?

    Quote Originally Posted by ql1max View Post
    Done Shanush!
    Love how you have done with the name, I always mess it up =/
    Requests: CLOSED ~ DeviantArt ~ In queue: 0

    Ty to cynsacat for Sig & Ava

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    This one was a lot of fun to do 8D! I accidentally deleted a PM someone sent me, so I'll just respond here, no I do not have a website that I use stock from for these. All images used in my signatures are licensed WoW images or direct manipulations from the Model Viewer! No, I don't use brushes for these either. The only thing Non-WoW related that I use are my fonts!

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