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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Hey i read about 50 Pages or more and your work is awesome!

    So now i want to request a Sig. ,too.

    Name: Flûffy
    Class: Warlock
    Race: Undead Warlock
    Sex: Male
    Server: Blutkesse EU
    Guild: Nefaria Facet but pls dont put in the sig i dont like the guild name ;<

    Gear: Full T9 maybe you can make T10 or S7

    Style: I like the Animation of WotF ( Will of the Forsaken) and red blinking eyes or so. The colour could be black or darkgreen i dont know maybe you can look what looks better. And a text line : "you will never be good enough". And with my Felhunter in my Sig.

    Sorry for my bad english :< I hope you can understand what i mean

    Thanks for your time and thanks alot for making a signature.


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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Taeras, with my signature, would you be able to change it from Barthilas to Thaurissan (got a realm change) thanks

    exactly the same, white writing , just realm change

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Quote Originally Posted by Taeras
    Taeras, with my signature, would you be able to change it from Barthilas to Thaurissan (got a realm change) thanks

    exactly the same, white writing , just realm change

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pulver
    Hullo Artists! I need your help!

    On countless occasions I've tried to create my own signature, and each time failed horribly. I have no artistic ability what so ever :'(. I play a Male Human Prot paladin. I am looking to get my paladin in t10, preferably the red set if possible. I would like to have my shield visible, but not the center of attention. As for the color of the whole thing, I want it to match the gear(red), and kinda....idk swirly in a way. As for what it says, basically my name (Pulver) with the "Bloodsail Admiral" title and whatever the artist feels should be there(not the realm plz) And nothing immature or inappropriate.

    Here is a SS of my Paladin, try and match anything that will show through the armor as much as you can. I trust you in artists!

    Will take a look at it, might take quite long though, but should be able to finish it atleast by tomorrow ^^

    i can't do this unless someone gives me an shot in t10 to work from

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Hi guys,

    it`s really amazing what you can do with photoshop i try it too a little bite but that what you guys can make with the program is very cool, so i want do ask the photoshop masters if it`s possible to make me an signature to?

    It would be very nice if the signature contains 2 chars


    Orc Male Hunter server:nefarian-eu
    Full T9 with pdk crossbow


    Tauren Male DK server:nefarian-eu
    full t9 with valkyr twins sword
    Schneide der Agonie

    soon it`s christmas and hope that you make me these little present Wink

    Best regard


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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    So I've been stalking this topic for sometime, and I'm officially jealous of all those with some sweet Signatures. So now I want one. ;D I want the two characters I list all in one Signature if possible. I can't really think of anything cleaver someone can do with my signature so do what you wish, as long as it's cool of course. ;D

    First Character ~
    Name/Race/Class/Gender - Xuany, Male Orc Shaman
    Spec - Elemental
    Wearing in Sig - Full T6
    Server - Andorhal US

    Second Character ~
    Name/Race/Class/Gender - Intension, Male Undead Priest
    Spec - Holy
    Wearing in Sig - Full T6
    Server - Andorhal US

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Quote Originally Posted by TeriyakiNinjaChicken
    Is T10 available on the model-viewer now?
    People with the PTR installed can import it to the WMW.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Name: Lasgo
    Race: Dreanei male
    Class: Shaman

    CU soon and Thx v_v

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Hello dear artist Smiley

    I know you're busy people but i thought you wouldn't mind some more work Wink

    My character is a Male Troll Shaman.

    I'm looking for a background like a spirit world thingy with some spirits and totems in the background.
    I would prefer my character to wear the t10 set since it would fit the setting.

    The overall theme of this signature is "spirit" and "shamanism" so feel free to play around with my ideas and have fun with it Smiley


    http://wow.magelo.com/profile/1757835 (might be better)

    That's it for me. just be creative and have fun and i'll be happy Wink

    Thanks for your time.


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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    I am in serious need of a banner for our new guild website and have absolutely no artistic ability at all. The banner size should be 1280x200. The guilds name is Empire and we are an alliance guild on detheroc.

    The site theme we have selected will utilize allot of royal blue or darker shades of blue to emphasize the Alliance aspect.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    I just wanted to say thanks to GreySkies for the great sig, exactly what I wanted!
    Haste Breakpoint Calculator! -------- CTC Calculator!

    Sig by Elyaan | My Work | Que: 3 | PMs: OPEN

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    I have to say this thread is amazing and the people who do the photo shopping are the nicest people I've met on forums. The art is fantastic.

    Going to give this a shot if anyone is interest in this Project. Hopefully it's simple enough

    Name: Starcaller Fevion
    Guild: Ad Infinitum
    Male Night Elf Hunter Full Tier 9, if you can show like the shooting annimation I have The Diplomat gun.

    Would like a stary / space background. Kind of like Algalon's Room

    Artwork by Nextz

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!


    Im new to the MMO Forums, and I just saw this thread.
    Im wondering if the Artists are still doing banner request, by the looks of it, they are. But with 540 pages, I dont know if its backlogged or anything.

    If there are any of those artists still doing them, I would love to have one made.

    Name: Starcaller Kayil
    Guild: <for Horde>
    Server: Argent Dawn
    Banner size: Its for my guild forums, so if you can, perhaps maybe 100x450, if not to much trouble.
    Race: Blood Elf
    Hair: Black and spiked
    Facial Hair: Goatee
    Gear: I think the T5/T6/T8 sets look amazing, so im not too picky. Just no helm please.
    Extra Info: Im a shadow priest, so something dark and evil would be awesome

    If you would like to contact me for any extra info, please do.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Hey guys, this might seem strange - being my first post in this forum n'all but i have to say i have seen what you guys have been doing and i'm very impressed.

    Name: Pwncakes
    Guild: Chaos Inc
    Realm: Azjol Nerub Eu

    Design Ideas:

    I'm not too pickey but i suppose something Horde'ish with maybe my character doing the roaring animation. (like when you shout.)


    Many Thanks

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!


    Looked at many of the artists artfolders on this page and must say I am very impressed
    Been fiddling some with photoshop myself but never get the edges right and always screw up the layers:P

    So was wondering if anyone of you could give this a try

    The theme i want is WotLK morphing into Cataclysm, ice blue to firey red
    As for text I want: "Dhagor aka Mr Mage" arranged in some kind of order you se fit.

    If you can make it look like my toon has just cast a fireball that would be awsome but not a requirement

    Here is my armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...efist&n=Dhagor

    In advance thank you ;D

    (Edit: Was wondering if you had the time to make a guild banner too? It's a Horde guild called From The Ashes II Should be 1300px long and 150-200px high. Only text should be the guild name and the theme something red/hordelike to match the name. If you are to busy to do anything about this just Ignore the edit).

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Bored and sick at home, decided to take 1st 3 PMs today. :P

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    I've already been given a sig from the marvellously kind art community we have here, but I'd really like it if I could have a new one since I changed my main.

    <Var e vargeN>

    I'd like a chat bubble saying "/purr!"

    If possible it would be really cool if you could cut out just the antlers from the picture below and put them on a tauren cat form so that they replace the original horns.

    Style: kinda layered, fields of color, flat, void of details. Maybe not as extreme as the picture below, a little more depth and detailed outline, but something like that. I'm sure your visual judgement is better than mine.

    Color scheme: Brownish orange/ Greyish brown with some green to give it some contrast. Text in white.

    Thanks for your time. Hope my english isn't limiting, but I trust whoever picks this one up to do a great job even if you improvise and do it to your own liking a bit. Sorry for not re-sizing the following picture.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!


    The only signature out of the previous to be deleted lot which came of use:

    P.S. I wont be doing Signatures for a week or two, I have exams coming up.

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    PM requests:

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    Re: [Photoshop] Request a signature!

    Quote Originally Posted by Retyu
    i like it

    and i thought you ment like a link to your samples ^^
    Im a Sous Chef irl, love you sig.

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