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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mordockk
    Thinking now my previous sig request may have been too complicated as I see requests after mine get answered promptly. And I have horrible paint skills. SO I found an awesome pic...


    If I can get my name Mordockk with <Execution> underneath it.(in bottom right hand corner)....all in blood red dripping letters...I'd be grateful and forever in ur debt.

    If you wanted a better sig you should have been either A patient or B smarter. You could have Pm'd someone who's style you like (and who accepts PM requests) to make you your sig, that would have been the smart choice.
    Or if you really want something out of this thread, remove your old request and make a new one. Too late now though, you have a sig grats.

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    I had made a request about 30 pages ago and I think it was missed so I'll make a new one.

    Name: Avalanch
    Server: Durotan
    Title: Hand of A'dal (Optional)

    Would like a picture of a human (male) paladin in a battle stance wearing the paladin T6 set and wielding the sword http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29993

    Backround could just be Uther's tomb. Optional to have the Divine Storm action. http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=53385#screenshots:id=137297

    Size -- 100x400

    Edit: Gender

    Metal on Metal O.O \m/

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Hello I would like to see if i could get a sig with a Ice type theme where the letters and back round appear to be frozen up to the artist how they really want to go about it.
    | (text: Saying Zevran in an ice theme) |
    | A pic of my warrior (artist choice of how it looks) |
    | (backround black and blue Ice) |
    Name: Zevran
    Human warrior, Furry
    Size: Max size for mmochamps
    Armory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...wsong&n=Zevran

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)


    I had to edit this many times lol. I would like:

    An angry stick figure Paladin with a stick figure sword casting an awesome and very detailed Divine Storm that looks all powerful and shiny on a standard black background.

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    I would like a sig for my ret pally, preferably in T10 with a "holy warrior" type theme. I wish I could give a better description but I cant for the life of me find anything I like online. if someone could put my name, server and guildname in the same type of font as Mavick's on this page, that would be great, if not, you're free to use your imagination . Thanks in advance

    Name: Boran Race: Human
    Server : Blackhand - US
    Guild :RedbullandVodka

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mobius_1

    I had to edit this many times lol. I would like:

    An angry stick figure Paladin with a stick figure sword casting an awesome and very detailed Divine Storm that looks all powerful and shiny on a standard black background.

    Forged from pure boredom:

    And because I'm sick of Photoshop, reverting back to GIMP, so much simpler. Just going to use Photoshop for shiny writing.

    On another note: Thanks for the tutorials by the way Caiti, they really helped.

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Love the work you guys do, it's like small artpieces indeed ^^
    I figure you guys have a lot to do, so I deleted my prev post and made a new one, at it was 7 pages behind
    I would like to request a signature for my human DK, named Memorïa.

    I got this sketch for explanation of how I'd like it, it's very basic, but should give an idea.


    My char; http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...n=Memor%C3%AFa

    I would like the character on the right side, or middle if that gives a better result. With iceflames surrounding her, and possibly blood (hence the red lines), you may skip the red if the result of it is bad.
    I'd like her eyes to be light blue; like the dk's are.

    But please give it a feminine touch, maybe a butterfly over the name, that was just a thought ^^

    Thanks for taking your time to help :-*

    7/7 HC!!

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Alright, I've been reading through here and checking out people's requests, seeing as how there are so many (and so few of us) if you would like a sig that is similar to my current one, or similar to one I did for previous person, then let me know in a PM with everything you'd like on it. Also provide any pictures or w/e if you want them.

    Also, feel free to request gear sets as I use wowmodelviewer and can easily get screenshots of said gear sets :P

    Examples / Past works (Work in Progress):

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Name: Munn
    Guild: Last Capital
    Realm: Korgath
    Race: Troll, Male
    Class: Hunter
    Pet: Northrend White wolf ( the one's that the sons of hodir have following them arround)
    Title: The Undying
    Gear: t10.25 (No cloak please)
    Weapons: Zod's rrepeating longbow
    As for the background I would like it to look like the area in Ulduar where ignis is like infront of his forge this some sort of glow around the edges of the picture
    Theres my armory link, if you could make him in the troll shooting possition. TY ^^

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurrikaine
    really nice work with the signatures. Could i get one done for me too ?

    I was thinking of a dark and mystic background with my mage in full tier 10 charging an arcane blast towards the viewer

    Name: Hurrikaine
    Class: Mage
    Server: Frostmourne
    Race: Gnome
    Sex: Male

    I'll try something with this, will be completely my personal preference since "dark and mystic" is quite vague.

    Tried a few very different things, if you like any of them but want something changed like the font/pose/background/... pm me with an example of how'd you like it (we can use photoshop, but we're not psychic at least I'm not.)

    I'm going to test a bit with casting an arcane blast, but that usually goes messy.

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    hope you like it

    I LOVE IT! Wow thanks heaps man

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    PM Request

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Panoramixe

    I'm going to test a bit with casting an arcane blast, but that usually goes messy.
    If you can find the spell in WoWmodelviewer, make the background pure green, screenshot it and open it in Photoshop.
    Go to "select" then "Color Range..." and in the popup box max fuzziness and use the eyedropper to click on the green in the actual screenshot.
    That usually works for me.

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    The problem is I found it on WMV, but it doesn't actually do anything.
    And I meant to say "looks like crap" when I try to actually incorporate a spell in a sig, it's usually not pretty :-).

    Just to remain on-topic a little:
    The first post has a few sigs that went unused, if anyone likes them (with some small adjustments to make them to your liking, like your character, other background color, font, text ...)
    Just pm me.

    Just to illustrate that a cast looks a bit odd when taken out of context.

    The only other animation I found for arcane blast

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Hey there! I was getting jealous of all those sigs out there and thought I'd commission my own.

    Name: Grim
    Class: Warrior
    Race: Orc
    Sex: Male
    Colors: Dark stuff; red, black, ashen gray (colors you think of when you think of Rage)
    Pose: You know after bloodrage the warrior roars, but he still has his weapons in his hands? That w/o the bloodrage (unless you can think of something a little more bad ass)
    Armor: Tier 9 w/o the helm (Horde obviously) + Garrosh's Rage (for the cloak), the rest doesn't matter as long as it looks similar
    Main Hand: Shadowmourne
    Off Hand: Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter
    Quote: Your Fate is Sealed.
    Overall style: Grungy/Rage oriented

    I really appreciate whoever picks this up =)

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    PM Request:

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Totally insane your signatures

    Name: Drglatze
    Class: Warlock
    Race: Human Male
    Armor: T10 (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...er&cn=Drglatze) You can Import
    (Cloak / Tabard Disabled - Helm Enabled)
    -> Colors: red/black or maybe some other 'evil dps' colors
    -> Pose: Maybe a little bit from the side with a shadowbolt cast? else just /ROAR
    Text: Drglatze The Doctor of DPS
    maybe small in the corner www.anathema-guild.de

    overallstyle: Think about DPS? This is the correct style - nerdrage, grungy.

    I'm waitin' for you Guys. We'll see the result and i think i'll be amazed

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    If you got some time over I'd love one of these fantastic signatures! Kind of in the same way as the rogue sig above this post, really loved that one.

    Name: Navion
    Class: Warlock
    Race: Undead Male
    Armor: T10, the red version! (Sanctified Dark Coven Heroic) OR Tier6 Warlock (Malefic) any of these would work just fine.
    (Cloak / Tabard Disabled - Helm Enabled)
    -> Colors: Something Purple, Green shadow/fel~ish, if you get what i mean! (Warlocky colors yay)
    -> Pose: Whatever you feel looks best, I trust your artistic touch
    Text: Navion (and maybe "Necromancer in disguise" somewhere smaller in a diffrent color)

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys can cook up, I trust the sight will be just amazing. Keep up the good work!

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    Personal requests done by.. myself instead? ;D (Go Go Not being a Lazy Prawn)

    If you think any of them are cute or to your tastes I'm taking PM requests on a
    pending level - since I'm raiding in a top50 guild and time is stretched...

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    Re: Request a signature! (Read first post)

    I really like what I've been seeing over the last 30 or so pages of my trolling and finally I am requesting an awesome signature from one of you fancy shmancy artists

    Name: Protigee
    Guild: Chaos Theory
    Race: Human Male
    Class: Paladin
    Tier: Tier 6
    Size: 100 height - 400 width (approximately)

    Here's a WMV of my character in the stance I want him in - http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/182/protigee2.jpg

    Description: If my name and guild could be written in a Lich King manner (that slightly blue fire color). I'd like a heal being cast from my hands that has my name in it. (link http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/861/protigeepaint.jpg) .. If that's too much to fit into the small 100 height, would you mind trying to find a different version of a spell cast? And also brighten up his hands with some effect to make his hands glow and look like hes casting a holy spell.

    Background: I'd like it to be of Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands darkened up a bit (located on the left side of my character). Try to keep the back drop really dark and downright dirty seeing as I'm wearing really shiny golden armor.


    EDIT:: Here's what I've come up with so far! (I don't know how to use PS at all lol).. If you could make balls of light illuminating from his hands and his name and guld possibly coming out of those over the church that'd be swell. If you could also darken and grunge up the background you choose

    |Pm Requests: Closed | Current Que: 0 | My Work | My Holy Pally UI|

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