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    I've been wondering for the longest time if autocast is a thing?

    TLDR: I play on a laptop now. Not very good for serious playing and even though I try to minimize my keybindings, there are too many abilities. So for a while now what I've been searching for if possible was a way to have certain spells go off automatically based on your settings? For example, I play a gnome so if I were rooted or trapped, Escape Artist would spring without me having to activate it. No matter how much I search online, there's very little to go on http://wow.gamepedia.com/Auto-cast other than it exists. Help would be appreciated, as I really want to know if this is possible or I just need to sucker up and deal with a clogged keyboard.

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    This isn't possible. Blizzard does not want the game to play for you.

    You have to activate the ability.
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    It isn't possible without breaking the TOS, so it isn't discussed here.

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