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    LOL! -_- I totally get when gear is not to scale or if characters are too large / small for the environment but picking on that poor tauren's height! Takes a strong man to stand a little under his girl like that. He must really like her waggle. :P (Now I'm poking fun at my own stuff. Awkward.)

    Lol waggle. I dont know why that word makes me laugh so much.

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    WP request:

    Resolution: it's for an iPhone 4.

    Visible text: possibly the names but that's not a requirement. What I would like I'd this quote: No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world.

    Armory link/Facial screenshot:

    Gear set: I would like my warrior to wear his current transmog set+ level 60 ashkandi. And my shaman to wear the new season 13 gear with fitting weapon and shield of your choice. media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2012/december/s13_shaman_m_hd.jpg either the top or middle one. Paladin Season 12 conquest gear.
    Helm visible: no for both.

    Your pose: warrior in the middle. Others to the side. Warrior ready to attack and shammy casting either a lightning bolt or lava burst. and paladin healing.

    General colour scheme: I'll give you the freedom to find something that fits this.

    Any extras: whatever you think looks good. You can add anything as long as it fits. perhaps a horde logo in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiaya View Post
    My guild is wanting to upgrade and utilize an amazing banner for our website. So, obviously, when one is looking for amazing handiwork their first stop would be here because the artists are outstanding.[

    Size: 900 x 180
    Visible text: Dysfunction, Kel'Thuzad Alliance
    Logo: We do not have a certain logo but possibly an Alliance crest would be fitting.
    General colour scheme: Our website is with a green pallet. So anything that will fit into the website as a whole.
    Specifics: Honestly any Pandarian landscape would be fitting. I have seen the work (my signature) that the people in this forum can come up with when left to their own accord. Our guild is Alliance so any incorporation of alliance races would be awesome.
    Found this request a few pages back and as there isn't a banner on the guild site, I assume it hasn't been done yet...

    ... so... claimed and done:

    Hope you like it
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    Requests CLOSED

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    Here's my 2nd sig creation. It's of my mistweaver monk. Kinda similar in color to my shaman, but I dig blues and greens what can I say? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyspice View Post
    Oh yeah, I was following a few tutorials along the way, both video and image. Some were a bit confusing, since I'm not all that familiar with photoshop yet but I found one that was fairly simple and just followed that model tutorial. I'm not completely happy with it, but considering I'm less than artistically inclined I don't think I did too bad...it's also why I used my own character as my first practice, if it looked terrible it wouldn't matter 'cause it's not for someone else. lol

    And oooo free CS2 you say? I'll have to do some thread searching...and if the offer is over by now, my husband is a teacher and can get Photoshop for me for dirt cheap.

    I did have a question regarding the WoWmodelViewer...I'm having issues with the hairstyle options...as I'm scrolling for a good hairstyle, sometimes a certain hairstyle will stick on the character even though I've moved onto a different hairstyle(so there's 2 hairstyles up on the character at once). Is this a common occurrence or is there an updated version of it I may not be privvy to...?

    Also, found the link for the CS2 download. Going to attempt to install it despite the warnings :P
    Yeah it's not a free download, per se. It's more of a massive mistake on their part. As I said before, do with it what you will ;;P

    Here's the link again if people missed it and want in on the action.


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    I don't know if It'd be too much to ask for a sig with at least 10 toons on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    Found this request a few pages back and as there isn't a banner on the guild site, I assume it hasn't been done yet...

    ... so... claimed and done:

    Hope you like it
    That is amazing! Thank you so much!I would love to know what font you chose to use so that I can match some other things on the site with it.
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    Size: 400X100
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Open to artist
    General color scheme: Open to artist
    Extras: Open to artist
    Visible text: Sutra
    Armory Link: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Sutra/advanced
    Gear Set: Priest Challenge Mode Set

    An avatar would just be nice

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiaya View Post
    That is amazing! Thank you so much!I would love to know what font you chose to use so that I can match some other things on the site with it.
    You're welcome - so glad you like it

    The font is Sabre Regular - but please be careful when you download it because there was a problem a while back when I linked a download site.
    Requests CLOSED

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    Firstly, this might be possibly a bit more than would be possible, and secondly, just too much in what I'd like. So, feel free to send me away to chill out.

    These are actually two closely related requests.
    Size: 400+ x 100 (the first dimension I'll leave up to the artist, as long as it looks "signatury")
    Visible text: "I am forever", written in capital letters, small-ish font size. Blue, slightly glowing text along the lower edge of the signature. (no name, realm or anything like that)
    Helmet visible: No. Same goes for shoulderpads.
    Pose: This is the thing that I am not sure is possible. The signature would be centered on the face, with the eyes being the focus. The facial expression would be similar to what Superman had after the bomb blast in Kingdom Come (http://m198.photobucket.com/albumvie...afilter=images if you haven't read; I can look up more material if required); this is fits a story behind the picture (I am willing to elaborate, if need be, over PM; the story is still in writing and will be for some time). The eyes would emanate a "Lich King-y" "eye steam", if that makes any sense. (visible, for example, at the end of the WotLK opening cinematic); generally she would have faint pale blue aura around her.
    General color scheme: Dark, black to blue.
    Gear: http://www.wowhead.com/item=39188, should it be visible.
    Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...enais/advanced ; considering that the shield is cleverly blocking part of her face in there (while she has almost exactly the right facial expression there x) ), Serenais was featured in the Lo'meath and Huilii webcomic, with quite a few screenshots: http://lomeathandhuilii.thecomicseries.com/comics/130 (she is the paladin in T9, if somehow unclear >_>)

    Basically an extension of the signature.
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Visible text: "I am forever", same as in the signature, positioned below the character (see pose); font also small-ish, just in size better fitting the fact that it is a wallpaper. On the center of the left side would be a text "Blue wings" (name of the story), in the same font, capital letters and color as the text for the signature, just somewhat larger (being a name of the story and all that), with blue dragon wings behind text (images on Google feature quite a lot of good examples; they should only be pointed upwards somewhat, besides that, up to the artist)
    Gear set: http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=960 without any helmet or shoulderpads, and with some dark shirt beneath (so that no skin below neck is shown)
    Pose: General pose is walking forward (towards the viewer), with the face fitting the signature. In her right hand, she is holding, well... Don't laugh at me (pretty please?). She is holding sort of Frostmourne's image - I imagine that border detection of the sword's image and blue glow inside with the sword itself used as an opacity mask could work (I hope - explaining is not among the best of my abilities >< ), with the sword pointed downards-ish (at least so much that it would be recognisable); again, fits the story, and as before, I am willing to elaborate over PM. She would have a faint pale blue aura, somewhat stronger around the sword. She would be positioned close to the right border of the image.
    Background: Could be black, though general dark blue-black background would work too.
    Link: Same as with the signature.

    All in all, both depict a spiritually wounded draenei (who also happens to be a paladin; that being secondary) taking her vengeance, with her past having kind of a strong influence at that exact moment; I can elaborate further if needed.

    If you read this far without thinking "Oh, great. Yet another 'ÁrthäsDK'...", I would like to thank you. x) Anyway, you may start /sighing, /point-and-laugh etc now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holypowah View Post
    I don't know if It'd be too much to ask for a sig with at least 10 toons on it?
    Ten? Is that a typo?

    It's hard to fit 2 toons into a 400x100 or 500x100 signature, let alone ten. Even if you split it evenly you'd only have fifty pixel width of space for each toon. That's very small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sutraqt View Post
    Size: 400X100
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Open to artist
    General color scheme: Open to artist
    Extras: Open to artist
    Visible text: Sutra
    Armory Link: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Sutra/advanced
    Gear Set: Priest Challenge Mode Set

    An avatar would just be nice

    Thank you!
    I'll claim this.

    And done. if you don't like it (I'm not super experienced with this) I totally understand!

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    This is so awesome! I love it! It has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Well done!

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    Any artist open for requests ? im interested on a wallpaper so i can sign with some cool thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by faelnir View Post
    Hello everyone !

    I don't know if i can ask for 2 signatures, but i've talked about this thread to a friend, and he'd like to have a signature too !

    So, 2 requests here :


    Visible text : Okoth - The Fallen
    Armory link : eu.battle.net/wow/fr/character/ysondre/Okoth/
    Gear set : All Tier14 HC + Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion
    Helm visible : Yes
    Your pose : Weapon in rage. Free imagination
    General colour scheme : Red ou blue DeathKnight
    Any extras : Nothing. Free imagination
    Bump for my friend

    Thanks again !

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    Size: 400X100
    Helm visible: yes
    Your pose: up to artist
    General color scheme: up to artist
    Visible text: Id
    Amory Link: Female, Blood Elf, Paladin (transferring + race change in a few days so this is what I will be) Up to artist the details of appearance
    Gear set: Avenger's (paladin tier from vanilla)


    ps- Would really like a avatar to go with this if its not too much trouble.

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    Would really like to get a twitch page made if possible. The one I made a few months ago myself is really lacking / has old content on it, and was made in Gimp when I was fairly new to the whole graphic design thing.

    What you want for your page: (Do you just want to request a background? Or how about a header? Maybe even an offline banner? Or, do you only want an info box image? Alternatively, if you want to request the entire set, just state that!) - I would really like a full set if possible, minus the info box.

    Visible text: (Do you want to display your guild name? Server? Faction? Or what did you want on your info box image?) - For text, anywhere on the page can be my guild Supermassive, and the server is Turalyon.

    Logo/Character: (Do you have a logo, either for your guild or faction or even race, that you wish to adorn your banner with? If not a logo, perhaps a character? If a character, please provide an Armory link and information about equipment, etc.) - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...arion/advanced is my armory. For the gear on the character though, I would like to use http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items...21:45266:45266 with no helmet showing.

    General colour scheme: (What colours do you want to display? Do you want the cold blue feel of Icecrown? Or a lush and peaceful forest? How about blood red, like on a battlefield?) - Up to the artist, although I'm a fan of flashy cool things.

    Specifics/Extras: (Include any extra information here that you may have missed before. Did you want any additional characters/pets/mounts on there? Or did you want a specific zone in the background, like Deepholm or even Nagrand?) - Up to the artist.

    If you have any questions to ask, feel free to PM me or add me on skype @ Lunarianzz
    - WoW, D3, Smite, and other games -

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    PM request - love the colour combination in this one

    Requests CLOSED

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    Thanks again Shy, I love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by philefluxx View Post
    Ok requesting a sig from one of you awesome artists. I, personally, like to throw out a few details and leave it open to artist interpretation. Like all my tattoo's, I'm just going to throw out a few ideas and hope someone runs with it to produce something truly epic. I understand that I could be waiting longer than others, no worries here. You cannot rush art. So here are a few things:

    Visible text: Deadmaus - Shadow Priest - Tichondrius Survivor

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: Now my armory pose is screwed, but I would like to have my facial feature. Its the one with the skin missing around the mouth and nose. I can provide a better explanation but I think you can see what im talking about even in my crappy pose: Me

    Gear set: Id like to see this in T6, Absolution I believe is what its called.

    Helm visible: Please

    Your pose: The only request here is Id like my wings to be showing, the ones that used to happen when you cast Archangel and now you see when you cast Devouring Plague and have the right glyph, see pic: Wings

    General colour scheme: Id like to stick to the ShadowPriest colors and I also dig the neon greens as Im undead. But those are just suggestions =)

    Any extras: Other suggestions, but purely a suggestions if you had a way to boarder this sig with the old Mindflay graphic that might look cool. But again, just a suggestion. Also might look really cool to have him posed like he is floating in the air with his arms crossed on his chest and the wings in the back. You know how the undead look when they are laying down? Something like that maybe?

    Look forward to see what comes about and thank you to whom ever in advance.
    Anyone biting? If its too specific Im really ok with something awesome you want to create for a shadowpriest =)

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