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    The new MS disc spec....incoming nerf I'm sure

    So with the new proposed change to Mind Blast to give a 20% MS effect, how many disc priests are going to now spec with something like the following spec?


    With this spec, You retain all the bloated-ness of the disc tree, pick up the two points from the holy tree needed to heal in pvp and now get a faster and hugely more effective (10% bigger, shorter CD and now a 20% MS effect) Mind Blast.

    There seems to be no real reason to want Desperate prayer and the holy dps/soul warding areas of the Holy tree over this spec. In teams with no MS effect (Ret Pally, Locks, Moonkin, e.t.c) I see this as a huge pickup.

    Lastly, do you see Blizzard moving this talent further down the tree to put it out of reach for Disc? Maybe they'll put it near Silence and make a disc/shadow spec viable again. I love the idea of this change to give priests even more offense in pvp, but I have a feeling that people will QQ premptively.

    PS: I understand the QQ, it is a little OP on paper until it is tested, but i still think we should wait and see.

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    Re: The new MS disc spec....incoming nerf I'm sure

    * Improved Mind Blast has an additional effect - while in Shadowform your Mind Blast also has a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to reduce all healing done to the target by 20% for 10 sec.

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    Re: The new MS disc spec....incoming nerf I'm sure

    afk.dnd beat me to it...hopefully you do realize the MS affect REQUIRES shadow form.

    I don't think that spec will be hugely popular

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    Re: The new MS disc spec....incoming nerf I'm sure

    DAMNIT...I'm tired.

    thanks for pointing that out before I started spreading teaser news

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    Re: The new MS disc spec....incoming nerf I'm sure



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    Re: The new MS disc spec....incoming nerf I'm sure

    As it's been pointed out, Disc won't be able to take the talent because they won't be in shadow form.

    However, while it looks like a nice addition to shadow pvp it just further bloats the shadow pvp spec. Currently you will find very few shadow pvp specs with any points in imp MB, now you need to find 5 and that is going to come at the expense of something.

    There is already a big problem with spriests having naturally low crit rates which leads to a lot of PvP shadow spec's skipping shadow power and mind melt because you smiply get 0 value for those 7 points. It also leads to a lot of PvP spriests using the healing PvP sets instead of the general caster sets because the crit itemisation is near useless.

    I think this structual problem should be addressed long before giving us more talents, particularly considering the pvp aspect of the tree is stupidly bloated as is.

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