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    Resists in Raids

    During raids i about 90% of my crits are partially resisted, i was wondering why this is occurring since i am hit capped (289 hit).

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    Re: Resists in Raids

    It it on all bosses or only a few?

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    Re: Resists in Raids

    It happens on all of them and its mainly just crits

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    Re: Resists in Raids

    Afaik boss has some base resist from everything this including holy dmg aswell, someone with more info can light us plz =).

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    Re: Resists in Raids

    its because they are higher level than you.
    That's just how resistances work.
    Anytime a lower level player hits a higher level player/boss there will be some resistance.

    More Information on world of warcraft website

    quote from: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/combat.html
    Spell and Ability Resists
    Every time you use a spell or ability on an enemy, such as a Mage's Frostbolt or a Priest's Psychic Scream, there is a chance that it will be resisted. When resisted, an enemy either completely negates (fully resists) or partially negates (partially resists) the attack. The level of your enemy in relation to yours is one of the main factors governing resists. Enemies of higher level than yours have a higher chance to resist your spells and abilities. Inherent resistances, such as fire resistance, will increase the chance that spells of that type will be resisted. However, having more of certain character attributes such as Spell Penetration will reduce your target's resistances, lowering the chance that your spells are resisted.

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