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    Just some help please

    Hey all in the priest forums! My main is a warrior but my PvP char is a Priest.

    Im Disc spec, and im just wondering if there are any macros or anything for penance..Because it is so very annoying...when targets attack me they continously pop up and it makes me target them and i get a pain in the ass warning "target must be infront of you" QQ so...it could be something i have turned on or something.. i have no clue..!

    I have no major Mods that change my UI (on that char at least)..

    Anyways hope peeps could help plz

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    Re: Just some help please

    I don't think you can turn off the auto-target enemies. If it's doable, please, someone help him out.

    You can always use self-cast (default Alt-key).
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    Re: Just some help please

    Ty for your help guys, appreciate it!

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