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    Might just be my stupid idea from staying up all night or so but...

    Is it possible to mind control Insane players?

    P3 of the fight isn't always insanly demanding on healing so just got this odd idea to try and mind control some slacker who got insane if i happend to find any, kinda want to know if it works or not ^^

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    On 10 man is noot much healing needed. But on 25 is, specially if u go like we go with only 4 healers (2 disc + pala and shamy or tree) And believe me, u will not have time to screw around with MCing others

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    I do like how shadow priests have almost a 100% dps time on Yogg in P3... dots and SW have a 360 degree cast ability, MB is the only spell you have to face yogg at all times... MF you only need to face yogg for the initial cast and then you can turn around while maintaining the channel.

    Unfortunetly my guild think it's best to put ranged dps on adds.

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    Priests multidot, only ranged classes that stay on yogg have execute effects.
    While priests may have no down time dpsing yogg, they also have very effective multitasking keeping damage on yogg while doing another job also which many other classes can't.

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    I'd agree with you if we had some sort or burst or high short term damage capability... the adds don't last long enough for dots to be effective and with MB on a 5.5sec CD and MF being one of the worst DPS spells available in the game, we have no effective dps capability on the adds.

    Basically we add a little bit but nothing substantial... Melee on the other hand could hit the adds and get incidental damage onto Yogg at the same time. Their form of damage is very bursty and far more effective on low health targets.

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