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    Re: Dungeons that = Fail

    I still don't like the second fight in Magister's Terrace. PvP doesn't belong in PvE dungeons, same with the Faction Champs fight.
    Just a correction, you are thinking of the third one

    No specific order

    Vanilla worsts:
    - Gnomeregan
    - Uldaman
    - Mauraudon (the instance itself isnt too bad, but seriously its a mess getting inside..)
    - Blackfathom deeps
    - The stockade
    - Sunken temple
    - Dire maul
    - Both razorfen dungeons

    Hah, didnt realise it was so many of them I really disliked. But the rest makes up for it.

    Burning crusade worsts:
    - Auchenai crypts
    - Magisters terrace
    - The Arcatraz
    - Shattered halls
    - COT - old hillsbrad

    WoTLK worsts:
    - The occulus
    - Ahn'kahet, the old kingdom
    - Gundrak
    - Halls of stone

    Alot of these have great lore tho, but sadly its not enough to make me go there over and over again.

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    Re: Dungeons that = Fail

    Hah, Blackrock Depths, the room where you had to find the flame keepers, I don't think I ever saw one single pug get past that room ;D

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