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    Mechanics around reflective shield


    First I want to say that I talk from a pve perspective. I did search for posts about the reflective shield but found mostly pvp talk.

    My question is:
    As the tooltip says in the telent tree, this shield will reflect 45% of the damage absobed by the shield. (With 2/2 talentpoints)
    It also says causes no threat.

    There is nothing that says only direct damage or targeted damage, but from way back I want to remember that the reflect didn't work on aoe effects.
    Am I wrong or is this still the case?

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    Re: Mechanics around reflective shield

    FYI, it just works on yourself, not if you cast a shield on a member of your party/raid. So take it for leveling/pvp, leave it for everything else.

    And AFAIK, it reflects everything, dots, aoe, etc.
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    Re: Mechanics around reflective shield

    What Aether said is pretty much true; however, it is bugged and triggers off some effects on others, but not all. (Some is very small, not reliable either).
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