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    Moonkin Vs Spriest for PvP

    Hey all,

    I rolled a shadow priest a little while ago. Now level 59. I rolled the priest for something new, and I needed an alliance toon to play with friends.

    I also have a 77 horde balance druid, and with the upcoming faction transfers, I am wondering if I should go back. However, as you can see I never experienced PvP at level 80 as a balance druid.

    PvE wise, I'm very happy with the spriest... in fact I think I find it more interesting than playing a balance druid. However, PvP wise I haven't been thrilled yet... in fact I feel like I'm getting steamrolled to often... or course I have horrible gear... but without having to twink out at 59 I'm trying to get a sense of things.

    I do mostly BGs and seldom Arena. I have no ambition to become a Arena legend, but I don't mind doing it occassionally for fun. So, my focus would be on BGs.

    I'm wondering if anybody has any advice on which class/spec they think is better? I considering just dumping my spriest, leveling my horde druid to 80 and eagerly await faction transfers. Thoughts?


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    Re: Moonkin Vs Spriest for PvP

    As it is now and as it seems from the PTR:

    Cyclone > Fear
    Burst > No Burst

    Still, deciding between a Moonkin and a Shadowpriest in PVP at the moment feels like chosing the lesser of 2 evils (Moonkin).
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    Re: Moonkin Vs Spriest for PvP

    I have both classes, and I pvp with both toons.

    Although I mainly pvp as feral on my druid, I also have a full pvp set for my doomkin.

    Boomkins seems far easier to manage than shadow priests. Cyclone is game changing and the amount of burst damage you can unload as a doomkin is far better than Spriests.

    The escape mechanics of a druid > priest mobility.

    Although healing as boomkin and Spriest suck pretty bad in Arena, boomkins have more HoTs and better healing capabilities than shadow priests (especially while running).

    IMO, roll a druid, if you don't like to pvp as a boomkin, you can always roll feral.

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    Re: Moonkin Vs Spriest for PvP

    boomkin is much easier to play, its essentially cyclone someone and machine gun someone else down whilst rotating cyclones on everyone (arena perspective) its by no means easy to do well with, 1v1 and 2v2 its frustrating as shit, same goes for shadow priest

    shadow priest is so so so much fun and you have disc to play which is just as fun, i honestly love priest much more but im slightly biased only ever played a friends druid.
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