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    Re: Hellfire Change

    I like the idea of being able to cast it on your pet. I don't see it as being so OP as long as it was given a cooldown. Useful in PVE, and for PVP, Pets may be useful for once.

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Sheikra
    The problem with making it NOT channeled is that you can run into a pack of trash mobs and Hellfire, then cast Rain of Fire around yourself and do like 30k DPS....Not really all that reasonable lol
    kinda like a mage can Flamestrike/Living Bomb/Blizzard?

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    How i see this spell could be cool. Works like fire mages Blast Wave (Instant fire AoE), and with a Major glyph OR deep Destruc talent, add immolate effect to those who are hit by it.

    Now its barely usefull to kill ourselves...

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    You've been asking for it:
    Hellfire: Channeled. Costs X mana. 1 minute cooldown.
    The warlock summons fire to knockback his enemies his enemies a short distance over 4 seconds, dealing X damage each second.
    Glyph of Hellfire: The lock will channel the spell for 3 additional seconds, but suffer damage from it as well.
    I had the ugly princess from maraudon channel spell in my mind. If you don't remember, it was a channel that knock you back.

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    This spell alone has saved me thousands of gold.... wtf would you want to change it?

    PS. LOS/OOR the damn healers, talking to them won't save you while they pad the meters on a wipe :.

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Daeth
    I used it on the hounds on the way to Magmadar in MC.

    Those were the days. Felheart gloves gave +6 agility and spelldamage wasn't invented.

    Edit: Anyway, this is my suggestion.

    Hellfire - The Warlock summons a portal to the depths of the fiery hells which begins to spew out fire. (All stats, duration and whatnever copied from the old Hellfire.) Except this spell is not channeled. It has a cast time and the portal will stay there for its full duration while the Warlock is free to do whatever he wants. The Warlock does take damage if he stands in the fire.

    Also, due to the massive pressure down in hell, the first wave of fire provides a small knockback.
    Yeah, like Supremus volcanoes (or for those who remember, Diablo 2 druid volcanoes).

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    Quote Originally Posted by genanmer
    They could make hellfire

    _ an instant cast on friendly target with a cd
    _ boost casters fire damage by 20% to 30% while it automatically deals damage to the friendly target like the DK's hysteria buff
    _ ignore all resistance and absorption effects

    This is the best idea I have seen. Let's say you are horde. Unless you are an orc, the warlock does not have a dps spell power increase button to push unless you are 51 points into demonology. Destruction and Affliction do full damage only when other spells are up (for example, because of the nature of incinerate, fire and brimstone, incinerate hits a lot harder if immolate is up on the target, or dots hit harder but haunt has to be up on the target).

    Now Mages have arcane power, icy veins, combustion, Rogues have blade flurry, adrenaline rush. Hunters have rapid fire (available to all specs), Warriors have recklessness, Paladins have wings (which affects spells as well). I feel that if the hybrid class (Paladins) have such a superb damage cooldown to use, then the pure dps warlock should also get something too.

    If not something that you have to spec into like arcane power, something available to all specs (like rapid fire) or something that can be obtained with only a few talent points (icy veins comes to mind). I would count bloodlust, but that is a group thing as well, and shamans had that since Warcraft 3....would be unfair to deny them that powah. I shouldn't have to be an orc to have a "damage cooldown" move. I mean, I know that some people will say that the warlock class was designed with the fact that we can't boost our dps by 20% every 2-5 minutes, but in my opinion spellstones do not compensate for something like icy veins (which my mage has had for a long, long time and provides exceptional PVE/PVP benefits for only a few talent points.) Now I'm not asking for something that makes fears unbreakble or makes all our spells intant cast for like 15 seconds. Just saying its time to give the only other pure dps caster a reworked spell that is "our" cd.

    Hellfire should be reborn as the caster's version of hysteria. Maybe it also damages our pet for 1% hp as well for a while? And if say, cast on our mage in our 3v3 team, hurts the mage as well as the pet? Seems like a spell that fits with the whole "warlock" image. Or perhaps have it like become like focus magic, where our damage in that we have to cast it on an ally. But, instead of buffing our ally it hurts them over time, while we get the benefit? That seems like something that would work in PVP/PVE as well.


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    Re: Hellfire Change

    It should just open a hole in the ground, and 20 old school firestone locks come out and firestone the target to death.

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    How about a scaled back version of the lava wave from OS that knocks the target out of our cast range?
    Quote Originally Posted by Zehlkatur
    I have died some times for just blinking away from* balls and straight in to another pair of balls.
    Nerf teabagging!

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    They could leave it alone for all I care... No repairs ftw.

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    I like saving gold via hellfire
    Definition of useless -

    Q. Any plans for an untalented spell to help warlocks deal with stuns?
    A. Possibly. It’s also possible we may take a look at stuns in general. But overall stuns will feel less impacting in an environment where players have significantly more health than they do today.

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    very easy.......make it just like AE
    but using HP to cast

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    I remember back in Vanilla WoW when every lock used to hellfire to death, and walk through locked doors which nobody used to have for some reason (DM).

    Now, it's like a Hunter's Feign Death... Minus the Aggro-Drop, the instantenous cast & the actual death, but gold is gold!

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    Re: Hellfire Change

    Seriously, Hellfire is damn useful atm. I have saved over 500g with repair bills + you can farm instances very fast without running back to start (Baron mount run, hellfire + reset?).
    No changes for it, or at least no changes for the damage done for yourself.

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