Thread: Weapon Dilemma!

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    Weapon Dilemma!

    Hello fellow priests,

    After a lot of thinking I yesterday looted Aesuga, before that I was using the staff Rapture, now I can't decide which of these two is better for me(I know I am suppossed to get Constellus as Disc but I don't see that happening with the crappy drop rate and 3.2 being around the corner, after all we only had 2 drops and there are like 5 healers in our guild who still need it). Any help would be really appreciated. For a complete list of spec/gear this is my armory

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Weapon Dilemma!

    I'd go with Aesuga + Offhand. More spellpower ftw. But the difference is so negligible..

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    Re: Weapon Dilemma!

    If you use to raid as Discipline, i'd suggest to go for Aesuga + offhand, since it gives more spellpower and Discipline is known to lack spellpower compared to other healing classes. If you use to raid as Holy, and since you are very well geared already, i'd suggest to go for raw stats, that is to say, for Rapture. Negligible difference of spellpower in that case.

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    Re: Weapon Dilemma!

    Aesuga is a BiS item if you have enough mana regen with spirit.

    With the items you have, you gain 64sp 10crit rating and 22haste, and lose 85 spirit and 7 int.

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