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    Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    Alright so my Guild is working on completing Glory of the Ulduar Raider and we have 4 Achievements left to do, and they are probably the hardest ones.
    I'm just curious which ones are the most difficult so we know which to tackle first.

    - Firefighter
    - I Love The Smell Of Saronite In The Morning
    - Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood.
    - One Light in the Darkness.

    What's the difficulty order?

    Also, I'm curious on what the DPS requirements are for Firefighter to be able to beat the enrage and the DPS required for Freya +3 to beat the next lot of adds spawning as well as killing trees and roots in time.

    Another question, for Firefighter should all Ranged be on the Head on the 3rd phase or focusing more on the bots to get the Head down for melee more often?
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    We are working on these as well.

    Freya is not much of a problem and I don't think General Vezax hard mode will prove to be much of a problem either. However I anticipate that firefighter will be the hardest one by far and then after that Yogg-Saron.

    Not much info from me but atleast some thoughts


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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    Firefighter > One Light in the Darkness > Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood > I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning

    Hardest to easiest.

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    Knock knock knock should be the easyest of those 4 , then Vezax Hard mode then Mimi and 3 lights as hardest. Dunno about the dps requriement thou
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    Order from easiest to hardest as my current 10man group sees it (we have the meta)

    - Firefighter
    - Freya+3
    - HM Vezax
    - One Light

    Only reason I list One Light as the hardest is because it is highly dependent on how fast your melee can kill the brain along with how fast they can stun him (to avoid a second/third crusher spawn immediately before the stun, only to be met by another as soon as the stun wears off).

    Firefighter is a pushover, did it in 10 pulls. Same fight, more damage, kiting doomfires, a GIGANTIC WATERY GLOBE THAT IS CLEARLY VISIBLE that you want to stay away from, and little bots that put out fire. Protip -- in P3, stay as far away from the bots as possible if you dont plan on killing them, the spray still hits for ~20k

    3Tree is pretty heal intensive, the DPS requirements are quite low, just bring a DK+Rogue, they'll clean house.

    Vezax will take practice, but again, you should get it pretty easily if you have a well geared tank and healers with alot of mana. (Discipline priests make great assets to this fight as they can use Shadowcrashes to apply shields on the tank, saves alot of healer mana in the end)

    Sink him to about 400k hp left and kill the animus and you should be golden, its much easier to execute on 10m than 25m.

    Good luck on getting your drakes!

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    I've never tried 1 light in the darkness, and actually never completed any of those, but my guild is working on them (when we have time, which is sadly not as often as we'd like)

    Vezax hard looks like the easiest of them, speaking as a healer I don't have too many mana problems. Firefigter's enrage timer isn't that short: we do fairly well in that regard before wiping stupidly in 3rd phase. Freya's adds don't have more hps on hard than on normal (they just do more damage) so if your DPS is good enough you could do it even with 3 healers and 2 tanks.

    I'd personally think Firefighter>Knock^3 on wood>Saronite
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    Well my group is working on 3 of the 4 of those as well (we've gotten knockx3). I can say that even after the nerf Mimiron is one hell of a hardmode, and substantially harder than your other remaining hardmodes from my experience. We one-shotted Yoggx3 at 3 am, leaving Freya down (or up?) so we had no sanity wells which is basically the 'hardest' thing to adapt to in yogg1. The rest just requires decent dps and avoiding unnecessary dmg in a few key aspects of the fight. Vezax seems to heavily rely on your healers coming prepared to the fight. Knock, Knock, Knock is something you probably want to get before Firefighter but honestly Mimiron doesn't get really hard til phase 3 and 4, while the hard part of Freya hard is the first half.

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    To Clearly:

    When you say quite low, how low do you mean?
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    1. Firefighter
    2. Knock, Knock, Knock
    3. One Light
    4. General

    Most are going to look at this and think I'm a little off with putting one light at third. But the night we went in to try, we one shot it. Dunno if we just pro'd up and cleaned through it good but it seemed easy as hell. Only one guy went insane due to a DC.

    Mimi however was a giant pita.

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    firefighter gets so much easier after u kill him once

    one light>firefighter>vezax>freya

    while one light should be harder you should wipe most on firefighter
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    Quote Originally Posted by Bainz
    To Clearly:

    When you say quite low, how low do you mean?
    One Light

    That's from easiest to hardest. I have the Drake and I can speak from experience, Firefighter for someone that's just starting it is hard. We have however, put all the above on farm for the most part and are starting to get it for others.

    The DPS for Knockx3 isn't that incredibly high. It's more about people not blowing up Detonation Lashers during ground tremors and not gibbing your tank via snaplasher

    Vezax is soley on the tank and his gear (Obviously healers play there part). If he gets hit too hard too often, healers are oom before fight ends.

    One Light, this one can be the easiest or hardest pending on what you do. We use one tank 3 heals and our portal group can generally down the brain in 2. Once P2 starts, it's all about keeping turned away during gaze.

    Firefighter is all about coordination, if you aren't a prepared group and are not organized, you will have a very hard time doing this.

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    So what, like 4-5k?

    I know it doesn't exactly mean much compared to Damage Done but I'm curious on where we are at.
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    For my group, I'd say from easiest to hardest have been:

    Freya+3 --> Vezax --> Mimiron --> Yogg+1

    Freya isn't bad, it's just a healing bonanza. We run 2 healers for everything else (me as disc priest, holy pally), but both being single-target specialists with limited AOE healing ability in a raid-damage fiesta she throws at you, we ended up having our spriest swap to holy for Freya+3 and got it down pretty quickly. That's by far the easiest of these to get, and keep on farm.

    Vezax was a challenge to healers to manage mana, but moreso to healers and ranged to avoid taking damage from shadowcrash and especially getting out ASAP w/ mark of the faceless. A ret pally keeping up JoL can take care of most incidental damage, but the more he heals himself through mark the longer healers have to extend themselves. Once people get a good feel for movement of the fight it's not so bad. (tip for disc priests -- where possible, cast PWS and PI from the shadowcrash). Beating this fight is tough, and tbh we aren't returning to do it again till after we finish the meta (though there's sooo many good drops).

    Mimiron was insanely difficult before all the nerfs, and would probably have topped any lists had it remained the same. With everything that's been done to the encounter, it's a LOT easier - but still really, really hard. Everyone needs to stay on their toes 100% of the time. But once you get a grip on kiting the fire it becomes a lot more manageable. Another fight that we won't be investing more time in repeating till we finish the meta - though I suspect this will be much easier to bring under farm.

    Yogg+1, how I hate thee... It took us a full night just to comfortably and consistently make it past P1. It took another 2 nights to keep most of us sane and alive to get anyone through to P3, which we did twice with just a couple alive to die right at the start of P3. On the fourth night, in a magical first pull, we cleared P1 flawlessly, got lucky with the rooms and zerged the brain, made it to P3 with everyone alive and nobody below about 25 sanity! And then the MT d/c'd. Made it through to P3 several more times that night, and showed continuing progress, but didn't have the luck that can make that encounter go from absolutelyinsanelyinsane to just reallyhardbutfeasible (tip that will help a lot - be really aware of malady of the mind, and make sure it doesn't get chained). We've spent more time on this fight than any other, and I'm pretty sure it will be by far the hardest to master. Oh wait - except for Algalon. He hits like a friggin' convoy of trucks.

    Biggest tip I can offer on the yogg fight is to at all costs avoid chaining malady of the mind, as it rapes your sanity.

    Hoping for better on Monday night so we can fly home in style :-)

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    If this thread has proven anything, these fights depends on your group. >.>

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    Our group set-up is:

    Elemental Shaman
    Enhancement Shaman
    Feral Druid
    Restoration Shaman
    Restoration Druid
    Shadow Priest (Goes Holy)
    Death Knight Tank
    Paladin Tank
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    We recently one-shotted 3x knock on wood, got con-speed-atory at the same time and no death on that kill. Then wiped 3 hours on Firefighter.

    The other two are inbetween those, IMHO

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    We might give Freya +3 or 2 tonight then...

    We gave Mimiron Hardmode a go last week and we got to the 2nd phase.
    (I was the only one who actually knew about the strat involved so we did pretty well).
    Did it for laughs.
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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    once you kill Mimiron on hard mode once, the second time it is a joke...

    you only need to find a good tactic and than the fight is rly easy

    yog +1 has some RNG factors but you basicly only need to have good dps on the brain
    to get him down in 2 portals, if you dont it is a wipe due to sanity problems

    general is only a problem if the ranged dps takes dmg from crashes

    freya is a poblem if the dps fucks up killing those 3 elementals in the same time

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    You guys got it all wrong, vezax and mimiron are the easiest ones by far. Freya+3 is the hardest by far.

    Edit: ehh I just noticed this was about 10 man and not 25 man, my bad.

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    Re: Hardmode Difficulty Level Question [10]

    If you kill YOGG with 3 watchers u still get the meta?or you have to kill YOGG with only 1 watcher?

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