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    Demonology Build - PVEHL (Ulduar tier)

    Hi, i wanted to know, since i never saw one, if there is a demono build realy that could compete with Deep afflic and deep destro, in T8.

    Every lock i see are deep destro or affliction. I personaly suck big time with affliction, so meh. And i wanted a second PVE build to be able to switch from time to time. (Since i don't PvP with my lock anymore, thanks DK's)

    Something like : http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc...00000000000000

    (Deep demono , Felguard pet)



    (Hybride Demono-destruc Imp pet)

    Could it be competitive?

    These aren't theorycrafted build or anything, just the basic idea of the type of build i would like to try. If any demono lock raiding Ulduar could give me some feedback/advice, i'd be very happy ;D.

    Here's my armory if it could help.


    P.S I'm a French canadian, so english isn't my first language, i'm trying to write in the best english i can , so don't lose your time flaming, its not worth it.

    Edit : fixed the second build link, had twice the same.

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    Re: Demonology Build - PVEHL (Ulduar tier)

    Bonjour mon ami, Canada est magnifique!
    That's the best of my quebecois. Vancouver myself.

    No. There is no build that competes. The best you can do is come 600 dps lower than everyone else, and pop meta during other buffs, such as Heroism or trinket procs, in order to get closer than that.


    Demonic Pact is worth it if you do not have an Elemental Shaman in a 25 man run. A loss of 600 personal dps is made up by the increase to everyone else by 400 dps per caster. Say you have another warlock, two mages, a boomkin and a couple ret paladins. You just increased the raid dps by 6 x 400 - 600 = 1800.

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    Re: Demonology Build - PVEHL (Ulduar tier)

    Im also thinking about a second PvE spec. As the above poster says demon gives good raid buffs that will increase the dps of the raid. Afflic seems to be best second spec for me though but I will need practise with it as im useless with it at the moment.

    FG/Emberstorm spec is great for AoE damage but in ulduar the only place you can really put it too good use is in the Room with Freya. So about 30 mins max (only got too General so far so not sure how good it will be on Jogg)

    Deep destruction seems the way too go though. (so far anyway)
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    Re: Demonology Build - PVEHL (Ulduar tier)

    Deep demo doesn't compete anymore directly.

    I am currently trying out a meta spec with my current raid set up, but none of the other locks were able to make it and we run kinda melee heavy

    Thing is if you have an ele shaman the totem is 280sp so you must have in excess of 2800 sp to overwrite the totem.

    On Elitist Jerks they do have the theorycraft for some demo/hybrid builds, as someone stated above they are significantly lower than aff or dest. However, as demo you are the raid buff spec - if your raid has enough casters (and healers benefit too) it becomes an overall raid dps increase to have 40 or 50 or w/e extra spellpower over the totem applied to everyone.

    I will say this though, I have tried demo on yogg attempts and I felt rather useless compared to the OPness that is affliction there. It's just the limited time you have to cast at Yoggy and the fact your felguard can't be used on crushers so I found it hard to justify the imp as he increases my fire dmg but in deep demo you don't have the nice dest fire spell buffs...yeah I still go aff for yogg - drain soul=absolute hax

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    Re: Demonology Build - PVEHL (Ulduar tier)

    If you're looking for personal DPS, deep demo will not make you happy. Sorry.

    If you're looking to help the raid out (and you have a guild that understands that raid DPS > personal DPS), it can be VERY beneficial.

    I recently respecced from deep destruction (with improved soul leech) to deep demo... and have been told that I'm not allowed to change back: the other casters love that demonic pact buff so much, that they'll accept my lower DPS as a small price to pay. This makes me happy, because I find the deep demo spec to be a LOT more fun to play - even if my personal numbers took a hit. (They're not horrible - but they're definitely a lot lower than they used to be.)

    As for a build, I've found that the "cookie cutter" deep demo 0/56/15 build from ElitistJerks works out very well. http://elitistjerks.com/f80/t48311-s...ost_3_1_specs/. Glyphs of Lifetap, Felguard, Immolate.

    I can't emphasize enough, however, that if you're looking for straight personal DPS, deep demo is NOT the way to go.

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    Re: Demonology Build - PVEHL (Ulduar tier)

    Regardless of dps, bear in mind that if you can overwrite the shaman totem, demonic pact also increases the effectiveness of your disc priest's shields, your resto druid's rejuvs, all that fun glowy hand stuff.

    For fights that aren't hard dps races, one warlock in this spec will still be a help to your raid.

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