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    Re: Logic-failure in the loot-pinata

    the only annoying thing about it is that people tend to think that 3 paladins - 1 of each spec - somehow is the same as bringing three warlocks, mages or rogues in the group - makes me a sad rogue and a content alt shaman even tho I'm sitting on 2 part tier8/8.5 for enhancement and elemental and none for main spec resto =/

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    Re: Logic-failure in the loot-pinata

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaemi
    You can use Baby Spice on the bottom part in P4 to allow the melee to hit the head, and healers can take the shadowcrashes at Vezax.
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    Re: Logic-failure in the loot-pinata

    Your example lacks clarity that could make the opposing argument more logical. First of all, is this 10-man or 25-man? If its 10-VoA then your argument is completely retarded, as 4-5 dks would rule out half the classes from being able to receive loot and thus adding a 50% chance that whatever you get will be utter garbage.

    Secondly, unless you're playing with complete garbage players who have 0 pieces of tier gear they would like to receive from emalon, your assumption that everyone present will need the piece that drops is completely illogical. Thus, with 4 of *example class here* in the raid, it could be that for each piece you only have 1-3 people interested instead of all 4, thus bringing their odds up significantly of receiving something they would like should it drop.

    And finally, if you're one of those lucky few who somehow ended up as the only *insert example class here* in the raid, and don't want competition because you want all the loot for yourself...who cares about that selfish argument?

    As to the "all melee is bad" argument, if I'm dealing with a pug, I personally would avoid getting all melee, as there's no reason to put all my eggs in the retard basket. Sure, its very possible for an all melee dps group to handle emalon. Its also possible to do it with 10 paladins, or 10 druids. Just because its possible doesn't make it logical.

    Bottom line is - less pugging, less problems.

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    Re: Logic-failure in the loot-pinata

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetcheeks
    Think about this:

    4 DKs in the group
    1 DK only needs the PvE Tank gloves
    1 DK only needs the PvE DpS gloves
    1 DK only needs the PvP gloves
    1 DK only needs the PvP pants
    1 new DK joings and needs all of the above items -> -50% chance for the other DKs
    HA, this is a VoA pug we're talking about. 4-5 DK's will show up all in blues, and claim to be mainspec *whatever the fuck drops*.

    Everyone does this with whatever class. It's the easiest way to get some of the top gear in the game in a total pug. Greed takes over. For this reason exactly we kept VoA 25 on "guild run" status up until a few weeks ago.

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    Re: Logic-failure in the loot-pinata

    I dont pug VoA too much on my main but when on my Druid(Resto) or Warr(Prot) and any other of the same class enters we just ask what our main specs are and if we arena on the toon, then we say if PvP gear drops then he can have and if PvE gear drops for my spec then I have for example.

    Seems too work well but we will say if something drops we both need then we just roll for it.
    (Depends how many of the same class though)
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