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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    Would be nice though if VoA droppt Tokens instead of the items.
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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    Last week in Voa10, Emalon dropped 2x rogue t8 gloves and archavon dropped 2x hateful rogue gloves, so whats the big deal.
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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    while they're at it, they might as well make it so that only gear that sombody could conceiveably upgrade to would drop, and that if nobody needed the upgrade the D/E results for what WOULD have dropped will drop so that you don't even need an enchanter!

    and they should definitely make it so that loot is automatically distributed via computer calculations and that it would give players with blues and greens priority over players with epics because it's more of an "upgrade" for them as opposed to raiders who show up all the time!

    and they should give you a flask buff as well as every class buff upon entering VoA so that you don't need to bring reagents or glyph! and when you die a butler should pay your repair bill!

    ok honestly half of what i just said probably has gone through some player's mind and its sad. VoA is meant to be like "hey guys im really bored and im half drunk and high and havent slept in 10 hours! Lets do something!" "ok sure, how about we do heroics?" "naw too hard..." "what about VoA?" "omg yea sure!! we dont even need to LFG its like 5 mannable!" "yea, brb lemme log on my alt he needs to replace some of his greens in VoA"


    VoA is meant for players to do on the side, not to farm, and unfortunately players who are like the typical person in trade barking: "LFG 25 uld FL only! PST MUST FLASK!" do not get this.

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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    He has a chance to drop a specific item, he drops multiple items, so exist the chance that he will drop that same specific item mulitple times in 1 kill.

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    is it me or should the loot drop percentages be fixed?
    Is it me or are they not broken?

    If something has a .5% (example number) chance to happen it will happen .5% of the time. Its not the world out to get you, its not luck, its not blizz hating you, Its probability, deal with it.
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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    Random drops means random, and 2 of the same items is just luck, quit complaining, I wont see you complaining if you were the only class of something and 2 of them dropped for u

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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    Fail loot is fail (no hunters in raid).

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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    Ulduar 10 in the last 3 weeks only Hunter, Warrior, Shaman tear tokens off every boss FTL. :'(

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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    Quote Originally Posted by thoukaia

    Fail loot is fail (no hunters in raid).
    I had the same thing with Archavon, dropping 3 pieces of t7.5 hunter legs.
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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    it was WAY better in vanilla wow when pally shit dropped in MC for horde and shaman shit dropped for alliance.

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    Re: VoA? loot percentages wtf

    As said before the loot is just random , not much you can do about it. When you do VoA you should just hope something of your tier drops. Myself I've seen a pair of warlock PvP Gloves and t8 gloves drop in a VoA Run where we had no Warlocks with us, the thing I do now is when I run VoA is to make a group myself and take one of every class( For 10 Man of coure).
    It sure isn't fair to other people of their class but it also causes less loot problems.

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