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    Leveling 60+

    Just getting to Outlands at 60, respecced Shadow and now wondering about stat priority - more specifically crit vs spirit. I have the talent that converts spirit to 15% SP or something, plus Spirit Tap and at the same time DoTs can crit and the usual gear choice will be gear with either spirit or crit.

    I am also open to leveling as Disc...any help with that would be great, thanks.

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    Re: Leveling 60+

    you wont find that much spirit throughout the first 8 levels of outland.

    if it was me, i'd go for crit, all your spells can crit ect, even your dots..

    but OVERALL, i'd go for spell power. so, take whatever gives most spell power, and if its more or less equal take the item that has crit too, imo.

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    Re: Leveling 60+

    Lol I guess, so far it seems I've only leveled classes that wreck mobs when leveling and have zero downtime. Priests are a lil different >.<

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    Re: Leveling 60+

    With 3 min shadowfiend and dispersion you shouldn't have much downtime. Honestly 1 wave of DoTs will kill just about any mob at your level, so you don't have to balls out dps something till its dead.

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