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    Question about leveling Demo

    I'm lvl75 right now. The question I have is, which is more important, Spell POwer? or Crit when leveling Demo? I know the Felguard crits alot more when I have higher crit. I'm talking about items that have like 60 spell power vs another item that has 40 spell power and 20crit.

    I hope this isn't a noob question. But this is the frist time I've played a caster after lvl'ing a Rogue, hunter and DK to lvl80.

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    Re: Question about leveling Demo

    The felgaurd's benefits from your crit chance are fairly negligible. You'll see a higher return from straight SP.
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    Re: Question about leveling Demo

    Spell Power will come naturally on all your gear. If the item has only crit on it, chances are its leather or plate.

    When deciding between gear, you want Haste > Crit = Spirit. Haste first, because all your nukes have cast times and faster dots = more mobs. The other two tie because you will have Demonic Aegis in your build, which bumps the value of Spirit up.

    Currently pets do not get any of your Haste or Crit, except through Improved Demonic Tactics, and even then its not worth thinking about.

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