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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    Quote Originally Posted by lumen222
    Combat rogues can Killing Spree right before the cast lands and they will not get feared. Likewise a Vanish timed right before the cast ends will prevent fear. If they both have everyman for himself this should give you plenty of options. Glyphed KS is a 1.5 minute cooldown so one Human Combat Rogue could do the interrupts as follows

    1 Killing Spree
    2 Vanish
    3 Killing Spree
    4 Everyman
    5 Killing Spree
    6 Vanish
    7 Killing Spree

    Since you have two human rogues you should ask them both to do this, because there is a chance that KS will leave them off target for a second if the feral defender is nearby. Breaking out of the fears increases up time on the boss and will improve dps.
    This, pretty much. When we're runnin without warriors (happens), I generally get a pre-emptive fear ward, and find that killing spree's cooldown is oh so slightly longer than to get in one every other go. I usually do this:

    1 Fear Ward.
    2 Killing Spree.
    3 Vanish.
    4 Fear Ward.
    5 Killing Spree.

    By then the boss is generally dead, if not then i run and stand on the totem as the fear goes off for the last kick. That's only if we have terrible dps though.

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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    The adds faceraping you on the pull, far enough but how can you possibly have issues with something that does so little damage? Do you tank right next to a void zone and get half your raid feared into it?
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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    If running DBM:

    Have your shaman refresh tremor totem .5 seconds before the cooldown is up on the fear, the fear should then (most of the time) be auto-cleared by tremor. Sometimes this doesn't work for whatever reason (her casting as the fear comes off CD), but it works about 90% of the time.
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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    Tell your mages/rogues to counterspell/kick just before the fear goes off.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tablemaker
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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    Quote Originally Posted by jarell88
    Tell your paladins to learn their mechanics better and your mages to stop sucking.

    The frisbee is a silence. All bosses are silence immune.

    Counterspell works. Your mages are either stupidly slow, or lying that they interupt when instead they just fireball spam.
    Not all. The small dude in IC isn't immune to it.

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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    Didnt read all the replies, but a good thing to do is fear ward a priest each time, and mass dispel the fear asap. Your raid shouldnt take more then a second of fear each time. Also tremor totems are nice, just sometimes you run out of range in between ticks.

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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    Quote Originally Posted by Gylfie
    Thanks for all the imput
    no problem

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    Re: Auriaya's Sentry Blast

    Quote Originally Posted by Chronalis
    Not all. The small dude in IC isn't immune to it.
    Well, one could argue he does not truly become a boss till P3 hits, at which point he does, in fact, become silence immune. >_>
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