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    Backdraft for Affliction?

    current Eradication:

    Eradication Rank 3
    When you deal damage with Corruption, you have 6% chance to increase your spell casting speed by 20% for 10 sec.

    Backdraft Rank 3
    When you cast Conflagrate, the cast time and global cooldown of your next three Destruction spells is reduced by 30%. Lasts 15 sec.
    can anyone see a big difference here?

    they should add to Affliction "When you cast Haunt, the cast time and global cooldown of your next 3 shadowbolt, drain life (maybe drain soul too) spells is reduced by 30%."

    think affliction seems more rng based with eradication and nightfall :-(

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    Because Conflagrate doesn't have cd and in Afflication, you still need to recast Corruption.... amirite ?

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    Haunt should reapply Corruption for as long as it's up, so while you're not clicking the button, it will always be up. Since the talent is for whenever the opponent is damaged by Corruption, you literally don't have to do anything out of the ordinary for it to proc.

    To be honest, I don't really see the problem. Like tofu_soldier said, it can proc all the time, and Affliction also gets the random instant Shadowbolts procing every other cast. Affliction's damage as a whole is lower than Destro's right now, but haste isn't the place to fix that. Destro benefits from haste far more than Affliction ever will.

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    the biggest difference is, that you can choose when you want your hastebuff with backdraft. with eradication you dont.

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    Kaffeefilter, that also gives you more consistent and reliable dps,

    and MiyaKome you also mention afflictions lower damage, it takes more to keep up your rotation in affliction, losing your haunt debuff can bugger up 2 stacks of Shadow Embrace for 10% damage and your Haunt (glyphed) 23% dot damage alone, assuming you don't re apply shadow embrace with shadowbolt that is

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaffeefilter
    the biggest difference is, that you can choose when you want your hastebuff with backdraft. with eradication you dont.
    if you aren't using conflag on every CD you're doing it wrong

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    So.. play destro?

    Affliction's just a weaker shadow version of destro with better aoe these days anyways. Eradication is a weak talent, backdraft is a strong one. Haunt is a strong talent, chaos bolt is a weak one.

    The damage in the end is pretty similar on a ST fight anyways. If they buffed eradication, they'd probably need to nerf affi elsewhere.

    This discussion would probably function better as a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of each spec, and whether they currently (Uld, maybe even Naxx) or potentially (Colis, future possible fights/fight mechanics) balance out.

    Answer: No, affi is sluggish, unresponsive. It's still more mental overhead than destro, has only marginally better on-the-move DPS, and has a real cludgy execute that's required to break even. There are few fights where affi posts higher than destro reliably, and even there destro has a lot of interesting ways to pull ahead. e.g., simcraft numbers between the two specs don't bring flame caps into account.. Those are a significant and reliable dps upgrade not available to affliction.

    Affi's only got two benefits: One is multi-dotting, which is again clumsy due to the overhead on maintaining an 'optimal' rotation on the primary target. It would function better if all the single-target dot debuffs were actually buffs on the player, though it's not clear that would be possible in current code. IE, when you cast haunt, you get a 12 second buff increasing dot damage by 20(23)%, on all targets.

    Then Affi'd have a real niche.

    Second benefit: Execute range, if it's significant. This is why Affi's fight of this raid tier is Yogg. Generally not terribly important, or easy to quantify. There's a lot to be said for having higher dps in the "enragey" part of the boss, but it doesn't show on the meter.

    These are personality flaws in the spec, but until Blizz chips away all the millions of other major balance issues in the game, those sorts of things won't be addressed.

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    I don't understand why you would want that talent to be the exact same thing as the destruction talent in the first place, regardless of usefulness or balance.

    What's wrong with having different types of boosts and advantages for different specs? I rather enjoy playing each spec differently. If they were all the same, it would just be boring.

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    Re: Backdraft for Affliction?

    20% over 10 seconds or 30% over 3 casts.

    30% off a 2s spell is 2 / 1.3 = .45s. 3 casts is 1.35s saved.
    20% off a 2s spell is 2 / 1.2 = .33s. 5 casts in 10s is 1.65s saved.

    And you're complaining why?

    R.I.P. YARG

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