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    Snowfall ink

    Isn't it about time we got some more items to make with this stuff?

    I mean.. take a look at the used for list..

    2 BoE offhand epics that don't sell well and are replace very quickly.
    Darkmoon cards which make trinkets that are fast becoming outdated.
    Inscription research that most people have exhausted.
    Self Enchants that only require 1 per use.

    Seriously.. I'm sitting on tons of this stuff because there's just nothing to do with it.. I know that processing it and selling the items is better than it just being sat in my bank, but part of me thinks that it's about time some more expensive craftables came out for us to make using this stuff.

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    Re: Snowfall ink

    darkmoon cards, make them.

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    Re: Snowfall ink

    undeath and nobles are the only cards that sell on my server they range from 300-1000 per card(nobles) 1-300 for undeath and snowfall ink averages 17-24. so if u have 100 ink sell the ink if u can get a good price on it

    as for making darkmoon cards, good way to make money, unless u get chaos, prisms cards.

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    Re: Snowfall ink

    My server has crashed pretty hard, nobles cards go for maybe 300-500 depending on what it is.. other cards go for 30-100g..

    Also, to make things even worse the price of eternal life has skyrocketed, probably the same everywhere but currently its anywhere from 16 to 25g each.. anything below 20 has been rare in the last couple of weeks.

    Farm more eternal life you say? That takes a hell of a lot of time and if i do it by herbing i get more herbs I need to process.. if i do it by farming mobs, its still a harsh investment of time.

    In response to the first question, I have well over 500 snowfall ink.

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    Re: Snowfall ink

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightstrike
    In response to the first question, I have well over 500 snowfall ink.
    what server?

    wtb >.<
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    Re: Snowfall ink

    I'm sitting with this profession and it basically has no advantages besides the shoulder enchant. Very boring profession imo. If the scrolls would be more useful to us than non-inscriptionists and stacked with raid buffs for inscriptionist that would be a nice way to waste mats.

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    Re: Snowfall ink

    Outland EU, horde side. You're welcome to buy it lol

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