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    Profession/Engineering help for Lock vs Enhsham

    Hello, I got a 80 Lock, Shaman and a Warrior which I don't play.
    Currently none of them got any high professions (around 100 in some random ones) Because at the warrior I was a noob and only wanted to level and the other ones were leveled with RAF.
    I'm trying to decide on professions on the lock and the shaman, with Tailoring going to lock, which leaves one more for him and two for shaman.

    I feel like getting Engineering on one of them, because it's a more fun than most of the other ones, and it has it's niche's.

    If it goes to shaman, I could get professions on him and lock that have the same gathering one, such as Alchemy/Inscription or JC/BS, or I could get Enchanting on one, which doesn't require any gathering profession. I know that most of the professions have about the same gains, with BS having a slight edge in terms of customization, which to be honest is quite good for managing expertise and hit.
    The question is mostly: Which of them benefits the most from it?

    Warlock Won't be able to have cloak enchant, which isn't very good but still, parachute may be useful... or not.

    Also, engineering can have SP on cloak instead of Haste, which is a very slight gain of dps, depending on specc.

    Haste on gloves gains lock the most, but maybe I'll get too much haste with it, thus clipping GCD's?

    The Hyperspeed accelerators is better for the shaman in a PvE perspective, who is Enh (for running away from AoE and moving between enemies in Pve)

    Any ideas or insight are highly appreciated ;D

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    Re: Profession/Engineering help for Lock vs Enhsham

    Try enchanting or inscription on your lock.

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    Re: Profession/Engineering help for Lock vs Enhsham

    read the sticky
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