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    Re: How to become a epic holy pve healer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Accuser.
    Personally, I prefer going into prot for Divine Guardian... Having Beacon and Sacred Shield on the same CD is helpful and saves you the GCD of putting SS up every 30 seconds.

    Divinity is underrated in my opinion and sits at the very top of the prot tree. As a tank healer, strong and consistent heals are better than a few extra crits throughout the fight, so 5% healing there beats the crit from the ret tree.

    Also, if you DO NOT have a prot paladin or resto druid in your group (yes, this can happen in 10-mans) you should try to have Improved Devotion Aura from prot as well for an additional 6% healing.

    Finally, at lower gear levels (and in all of 3.2) you'll be spamming flash of light rather than holy light, so if you can get in some arena for the libram that gives +267 spellpower to FoL, do it.

    I recommend "Clique" which allows you to bind your heals very easily... Ex: shift+Lclick is FoL, shift+Rclick is HL, shift+mouse5 is shock, alt+Lclick is Beacon and alt+Rclick is SS

    Combine this with an amazing raid frame like X-Perl and you'll be set. Seriously, with this setup, I sometime top the chart on effective healing
    Personally I found prot spec most useful only after I got t8 4 pc bonus.

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    Re: How to become a epic holy pve healer.

    Well looks like you got some decent replies in here so I won't write the same thing some of these guys did so I'll just give you some advice.

    Being a good holy paladin is actually not that easy and requires you to be really fast.
    Depending on the fight I find myself with barely any GCDs to spare, and this is not only healing output.

    If you can do things that will help your raid either mitigate damage or absorb damage, why not do it?

    Use your auras to help your raid, use frost resistance for Hodir trash, Hodir, Thorim P2. Fire resistance for IC trash, Mimiron trash, Mimiron and Freya lashers spawns.


    If it's a debuff (and UA only exists in Magtheridon's Lair so you're good using cleanse here :P ) it's a bad thing.

    Be a smart pally, don't just spam heals.

    If you want in depth specing help n stuff PM me

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