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    Addons for Tanking?

    I dinged 80 a few days ago with my Druid and i decided to continue as feral tank in heroics and later raids.
    However, im having problems seeing what mob is hitting who and are all enemies attack me or are some of them loose.

    SO is there an addon that will tell me what mobs are attacking me, what mobs are loose and need to be picked up, how many treat i got on the target, how close am i to loosing threat on a specific target and all that tank stuff.

    Thanks for reading and helping.
    Cheers all...

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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    Well you can always install Grid, it shows who has aggro (i.e. who is attacking who)
    Or you can of course simply check all of the mobs who is on who. Would take a lot of time though.

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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    Most unit frame addons will highlight the frame of any player that has aggro, if you set it to. I know x-perl does at any rate, as does grid.

    As for watching all the mobs, sometimes it's just a matter of watching and learning how to see what they're doing. I'm not aware of an addon that is capable of tracking every single mob and alerting you when one breaks away.

    For threat on your current target, there are two addons I like. The first is Omen, a very tidy little threat meter. The other is Skada, which is actually a damage meter with a built-in threat meter. Skada is a bit harder to configure (not hard, just harder), but it also does more. Of course, if you go with omen and later decide you want a damage meter, you can always get recount.

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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    Quote Originally Posted by darkwarrior42
    Most unit frame addons will highlight the frame of any player that has aggro, if you set it to. I know x-perl does at any rate, as does grid.
    In addition, you might want to use Aloft. You can have the health bars of mobs glow, depending on if you have their aggro. That'll help you at spotting the mobs that are hitting other people.
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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    The best thing IMO, just get omen, as mentioned before. You really don't need to watch every mob so close, but pay attention to when the game tells you you're losing threat, it will pop up on your screen, losing threat, then will tell you changing target. Just keep an eye on what you're losing that way, and you will have no problems. Though, if you're just spamming swipe, (whichever it is, I'm a warrior) you shouldnt have any aggro issues, unless you're overgeared in strides by the raid dps.

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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    default ui has that functionality

    interface -> display -> Display aggro warning. Set this to whatever and then turn on the enemy nameplates if you haven't already(default button 'v'). Then tick Show aggro percentages

    Now when killing stuff you will see a red glow around the nameplate of monsters targeting you, yellow glow around monsters that are about to change target someone else, no glow around monsters that are targeting someone else and a red glow on the unit frame of the person the monster is targeting. Along with nice text going "attacking you" "losing threat" and "changed target" at the appropriate time

    I do recommend you get omen though since the show aggro percentages is rather useless =/

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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    Um, when i am tanking on my warrior i tend to use ´V´ if you lose aggro on a mob it will go flashing so you can easily pick it up again.. + You see all mobs hp. Ye works best if you ask me!

    Edit; Mogget beat me to it plus he has a much better explanation!

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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon
    In addition, you might want to use Aloft.
    ^ this
    instead of letting them glow i let them change their color.
    • white nameplate = attacking me
      pink nameplate = attacking me, but about to loose aggro
      red nameplate = attacking someone else

    easy =)

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    Re: Addons for Tanking?

    Tankpoints and ratings buster, gives you actual percantage gained from avoidance while accounting for DR. Tankpoints will also allow you to customize what stats are more important to you based on class and play style.

    Omen or similar threat meter.

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