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    Addon chatroom...?

    Hey guys,

    Today I noticed that I was in 2 extra channels (custom) ss'd below:

    I turned them on and was getting these sort of commands or scripts:
    [2] [Deliaa]: wts [Saronite Ore]13g/s pst
    [7] [33:Bluenjoy]: p 7e49e9c0cDK$D%7+Bluenjoy00bf#%$)-
    [2] [Sneakspank]: paying 5g per signature on guild charter
    [7] [33:Bluenjoy]: p 7e49e9c0cDK$D%7+Bluenjoy00bf#%$)-
    [6] Moderation privileges given to Damian.
    [6] Owner changed to Damian.
    [6] [Evanescent]: left channel.
    [7] [33:Bluenjoy]: p 7e49e9c0cDK$D%7+Bluenjoy00bf#%$)-
    [6] [Glisten]: joined channel.
    [6] [Glisten]: V @N2-02////]]]/8/617]2-02////]105]3`]e`2

    What addon could be causing to make me join these channels each time I log in?

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    Re: Addon chatroom...?


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    Re: Addon chatroom...?

    right, Carbonite
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    Re: Addon chatroom...?

    any way I can turn off the chats then other than turning off Carb?

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    Re: Addon chatroom...?

    Not really - even if you leave the channels, Carbonite will rejoin them. You only need to worry about them if you're running out of channels you can join, anyway. If they're not bothering you, just leave them alone. Carbonite's been using them since it was created.
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