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    Taken a while back, but the only recent screenshot in combat I could find. Still looks alot like this with only a few minor adjustments

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    Yes! Uninspired middle-of-the-night guild chat included I have a few accidental combat screenshots, but not on this computer, so you'll have to live with the boring Stormwind version.
    Beep you, forum, for not letting me post actual links yet

    Cooldown tracker on each action button, and Wild Growth, Swiftmend and Innervate cooldowns shown pretty much in the middle of my screen. I have most of my healing spells bound in Clique only, so I figured it'd be a good idea to have the cooldowns shown like that. I use the game's raid frames for any type of group (with health percentage & resource bar displayed), and I have an add-on that shows me any target's health percentage next to the frame (instead of replacing the exact amount of HP displayed on the health bar itself). Game menu and bags are visible when hovered over.

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