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    Raid Icon Marking Macro Help

    So.... i have a macro to mark targets when i mouse over them, which is a pain for the hidden behind the wall rogue on vezax trash and takes some time on larger pulls that are stacked like freya's trash. was wondering if anyone has a one click macro to throw out every raid icon. i almost had it but if i hit the macro and there's multiple targets with the same name it will only mark one of them.

    any help/suggestions? other than aoe, lol

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    Re: Raid Icon Marking Macro Help

    For having it being done automatically you will have to specify each target name in the macro. With the number of packs in Ulduar you'd need quite a lot of macros.

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    Re: Raid Icon Marking Macro Help

    I think this addon does what you want:
    Magic Marker

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