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    Alchemy as a tank?

    Hi there,

    My paladin tank just got 80 and I leveled him as Herb/Mining just to make some gold during the process, now I want to reroll to some serious professions, so Im kinda lost.

    Is alchemy a good choice on par with the rest? I pretend to keep mining and have alchemy.

    I already have other toons with mining/herb and jc/enchanting, so I plan on getting something new. Basicly I'm between BS or Alchemy.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the English.

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    Re: Alchemy as a tank?

    Afaik, Alchemy is.. ok.. for raiding. It doubles your stoneblood flask, which is understandably awesome, but the trouble is (in my view anyway) that its just a static hp increase, its not a stamina increase. Stamina gives you more than just health.. it gives you SP too, so I cant help but think that having Mining and (for sake of arguement lets say Jewelcrafting) with its large stamina increase, is actually going to be a better increase in the long run because of the added benefits of the stamina over a static hp increase.

    Of course, my paladin is an alchemist :P and also a tank, so I should learn to take my own advice.. trouble is my advice comes at a time when I'm too poor to swap my spec :P
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    Re: Alchemy as a tank?

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm not in a position where I have a lot of gold that's why I'm considering leveling Alchemy.

    Both BS and Alchemy would be leveled through farming instead AH, but farming Thorium and Mithril is just plain terrible.

    Also BS is a "dead" profession if you consider money making unfortuanetly. So hard choice.

    Would inscription be an option?

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    Re: Alchemy as a tank?

    If your a new 80 you will find yourself spending alot of gold quickly on new gear, really easy to gear up in WOTLK

    I leveled jc/enchanting on two of my 80's beacuase of the stat bonus's, but that cost me roughly 6k each, althought i dont recommend it to you until your set on gold.

    My advise is stick wiht what you got, with 3.2 both profession's are getting a nice buff.

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    Re: Alchemy as a tank?

    Alchemy is worth it in my opinion, also they'll buff it in 3.2. As a tank you get expensive repair bills and instead of sulking over those you can be happy your flask lasts longer instead ;d

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    Re: Alchemy as a tank?


    I'm not exactly new, I have 3 level 80, one of them with most BiS available, epic mount and everything I could have (the fun thing is the fact that this guy is the one with the most useless raiding profs herb/mining on a rogue).

    JC is a option, once the mats necessary to level it isn't very different from BS.

    Alchemy seems to have a great potential.

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    Re: Alchemy as a tank?

    Stick with what you have and use it to reap in the monies..

    Circuits of Wintergrasp will give you a real nice profit and even more so if you stack it all up for sale just before 3.2 hits.

    For now dont change, maybe worthwhile after 3.2 and in that case I would suggest JC over Alc/Inscription purely because of the Gems and Blue trinkets. (which hopefully one day will get its epic upgrade..)
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