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    Share your "unknown?" add-on

    I'm not talking recount, bartender, questhelper or DBM.
    Tell us about the low download add-on you are using where you wonder "i cant believe nobody else is using this awesome addon"
    a little name and a discription.
    Like Vanas KOS (kill on sight) i think is awesome. Not many downloads. Put the people that ganked you on a list and gives a warning sound every time they are near again. Or you can set it up to ding everytime the opposite faction is near in general.

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    Re: Share your "unknown?" add-on

    Toughy really,

    I use Facesmasher, gives you tips on what to use next on your DK (Don't use it, just liked the name)
    Also I use Squeenix, a more known one, makes your minimap a square, and let's you move it around.
    And some other addon which I forgot the name of that puts all your minimap icons in a straight row along the side of your screen.

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    Re: Share your "unknown?" add-on

    Probably the most useful addons I've added to my setup lately are Crossdresser and EquipSetUpdater. These are both small addons. Crossdresser allows you to "connect" an equipment set to a spec, so that when you change specs, you swap gear automatically. EquipSetUpdater is exactly what it sounds like - it adds an "update" button to the Equipment Manager so that you can skip all that "Save" and "find icon" mess.

    Some other nice little ones I use are teksloot and tekkompare. These are actually replacements for "XLoot Group" and "EquipCompare". They're very nice addons that I love using.
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    Re: Share your "unknown?" add-on

    It sees moderate use still, but one mod I love that I never hear anything about is Eavesdrop. It's a different approach to scrolling combat text, with its own pros and cons.
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    Re: Share your "unknown?" add-on

    I just found a nice little add-on last night called _NPCScan. It basically replaces a "/tar rare mob" macro by showing a big alert on your screen if you are close to a rare mob. I have been looking for a time lost proto-drake lately and its a lot better then spamming a /tar macro.

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    Re: Share your "unknown?" add-on

    "ThereIsNoCost hides the reagent number on action buttons when you have a glyph that removes reagent requirement."

    I REALLY HATED THE REAGENT INDICATOR! It was there in the cornor smiling at me and saying: "I am annoying." >

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    Re: Share your "unknown?" add-on


    Its not usefull at all but its fun to have all these different sounds pop up when you get a crit. Also the jump counter is cool and disturbing.

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    Re: Share your "unknown?" add-on


    It was the first bag mod to have categorization. And I've tried most of it's "successors" like ArkInventory and TBag, and they're garbage in comparison.
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