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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    So short and simple to the OP....
    1. Its THE DAY of the patch and you've already thrown you hands in the air calling foul, if you got bad Queue timers something else. Give it a few days and if nothing, THEN get worried and get a little vocal on the situation.
    2. This game is obviously based around end game content, making posts like this will get you nothing but flamed cuz its such a thing of the past, twinks is such a minute point of this game now adays...just level, which brings me to point 3.
    3. Level up to 80 and tada! pvp!...If 80 pvp is too tough for you and you enjoyed the false sense of skill you thought you had with your twink...quit the game. PLZ!


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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    exactly <---
    Twink vs Twink = fair
    Non-twink vs Non-Twink = fair
    Twink vs Non-Twink = unfair cuz um twinks win

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Have no problems with queue's here on Executus bro

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    I've heavily modified the main post....Thanks.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    As I understand twinks are usually alts of bored raiders or PvPers, with a new patch and some stuff to do the first day its hardly going to be busy anyway.

    Good change I think.

    What would solve the problem is a buff that changes everyones stats to the same when at the same level and of the same class i.e. all mages at 29 have same stats, all rogues etc.. then its about skill not gear.

    Not the best solution but would allow the two to play together, or would twinks moan spending a few thousand gold doesnt let them faceroll over new players anymore?

    Read your edit..your bias seems clear now. was it not obvious the queues would be limited?

    Also Blizzard saying they do not plan on removing twinks by design is not the same at all as them saying they wont make it more difficult or allow them to leave.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    I'm fairly certain most people have better things to do on patch day than play their twinks. I have a twink, but if on patch day, the best thing you can think of to do is play your twink, then you have problems.

    Like said before, wait a few weeks or so, people will stop farming heroics 24/7, and people might get on their twinks now and again.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    I don't remember where I saw this, or even if I made this up myself (it was a while ago, and I'm sure I didn't)
    Twinking is like having a 40 year old go back to elementary school so he can be the smartest kid in the class.
    With the changes in 3.2 it's now like a group of 40 year olds going back to compete against each other in their small class to see who can find 2+2 fastest.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tuskan
    I understand where you are coming from however i , along with many other players have no sympathy.

    Twinks ruin pvp for lower level non twinks

    Now, to the idea of putting twinks back in with the general populous ... that totally defeats the purpose. That just means your fully ubered guy storms casuals.

    ...but that's what you wanted, isn't it? If you wanted a fair fight, you'd call for the twink queues to effectively be a separate battlegroup, so all twinks on all servers share BGs.
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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    I'm pretty sure that most people have a main and after a new patch are clearing new content. They don't spend their whole time just pvping with their twinks. Just be patient and stop the QQ.

    1. Seriously, cruc needs to stop QQ and just wait for people to get back on their twinks.

    2. I doubt most people will go back to their twinks because now it's twink vs twink and this seems unfair to twinks since they think that killing lowbie geared people is fair

    3. All this QQ will probably get the twinks back to regular BGs and ruin pvp for people who like to casually play and pvp.

    Cruc has nerd raged a lot. He nerd raged when ropetown owned him on executus and so he transfered to arthas. I find that this guy has no patience and just needs to chill and stop complaining when something doesn't go his way.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Report Blizzard to the FBI for not giving you anyone to play with

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Having separate battlegrounds doesn't make queues terrible. How about you queue up, do some questing, it pops, go do it, get some exp, go back and quest some more.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zenarius
    You sir, is a retard.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Quote Originally Posted by kuku2
    No, that's not what he's saying. He's saying that it has ruined BGs for twinks. Normal BGs have more than enough players to fill the groups. Twink BGs don't.

    And I'm surprised twinks didn't figure this out before the patch. I certainly did. It was a big joke to me: Haha, twinks actually think this change is going to be GOOD for them? Good riddance.

    And look what happened -- it came true.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    o noes the OP has to actually compete with other twinks what shall the world come to? idiot. blizz is just leveling the playing field. also gives u more ppl to pvp with in ur bracket. so stop qqing over u not being the best cuz u spend way too much money on a character whos not max level. be a big boy and come join the lvl 80s.
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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Oh and I think this was Blizzards clever way of getting rid of twinks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zenarius
    You sir, is a retard.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    lmao spur i just about **** myself. oh crap imma get reported to the fbi too.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    No more twinkerboys ruining low level brackets? Welcome change!

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Patience my son.

    Now that you can turn off XP, I think I might make a twink. I think a lot of people might make a twink who would have never made one before.

    There will be 10x as many twinks as there are currently within a month.


    I really really REALLY can't be bothered with all the crap and hassle of trying to get the most epic of gears whilst bugging XP gains. The hardest part of playing a twink was getting the gear without getting the XP, now that the barrier is gone, I can race to 19 without QQing over every XP gain on the way, and when I get there I can turn off XP, start playing twink matches and see if I can get better gear somewhere.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    I remember my first AB, back when I was around lv 30 having no clue about BGs at all. I remember few enemy players that were extremally hard to kill, did obscene amount of damage and wore glowing weapons. Later have I learned that I met a twink.

    I dont care if this change ruins twink... ing or not. If it does Ill be first to /cheer on Blizz because twinks f-kin ruin lower level BGs for other players. QQ moar or stop playing over enchanted, over geared characters.

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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    I like the XP in BGs system, although I've not tried it (EU servers, and they're down for another 3.5 hours roughly, if no ExtMaint happens). It'd be nice to have a second way to gain XP (especially between 20 and 58) if an area is drying up or I have no quests to do, you know? It's also good as it'll help me get my L60 PvP set quicker for RP purposes.

    Twinking was and might still be a reason I never really PvP'd. I have nothing against twinks per se (if someone wants to have a great PvP char, that's fine as to me it's no different than a BiS geared raider), it's just that I would basically be a free HK and I don't want to be that. Now I can go into a BG at level 23 and not have to worry (as much) about being completely annihilated by three twinks!

    P.S. I'm on the Vindication EU BG, the one that needed to be a "dual BG" the most.
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    Re: Turning Off Experience has ruined BGs!

    Twinks ruining pvp for lower levels is like full Furious geared players ruining pvp for players that just hit 80, right?

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