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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by jpwkeeper
    To those who say Abyss crystals, are you nuts? You can farm abyss crystals all day doing the normal mode 5 man, getting 5 per run then resetting, all in about 20 minutes. I predict that Abyss Crystal prices are about to plummet.
    Prediction confirmed - they're down to 30g or less on my server.

    Quote Originally Posted by Knight Gil
    Fun? Achievements?

    Gear isn't everything, you know?
    QFT. We ran a Naxx-25 "PUG" (about half my guild, about half PUGs)... where our guild members went "naked" (except a weapon for melee classes) except on boss fights. Great sport.

    PUGs seemed to have fun (and we recruited one - his gear isn't quite there yet, but he had the right attitude, seemed to have the skill, and his personality fit in); we sure had a lot of fun.

    Also, trash in Naxx can be hard... if you're naked... and you pull the whole room... Quite amusing.

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nixia
    Maybe because its fun? And they get to see content thats well designed and interesting.
    I love the feeling of being a part of a group making there best to get a boss down and the cheering when its down.

    Alot of people seems to forget why they bought the game, TO HAVE FUN.
    Yes. Quoting myself ftw

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    alts need gears and badges too ;D

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Solely for gear? No.
    Badges? Yes.

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Uld25 gear from Emblems.
    Just some fun.

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    There's a reason to do naxxramas and this is it :P

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by jpwkeeper
    No, they don't.

    How good your group is does not matter at all, because it is the same group doing Naxx as is doing the heroics, so the faster you can clear Naxx the faster you can clear heroics. If your group is strong enough to clear Naxx in 2 hours, your group is strong enough to clear more than 3-4 heroics in 2 hours. Groups that are not overly strong can almost do that much.

    Naxx full clear: 15 badges.
    Heroics: 3-4 badges per heroic, plus 2 for heroic daily, plus 1 for standard daily. So if you do both dailies that's 9-11 badges, plus one more gives you 12-15 badges total.

    It may FEEL like faster badges because you're running uninterrupted, and all in one sitting, but if you measure it it's really not.

    A 10 man zerg in less than 2 hours is much more fun than chaining 6 heroics.. Also, you won't run into instance locks where you're sitting around for too long with a thumb up your ass. At least with 10 man naxx there is a good chance of gold on top of badges beyond de'ing just the greens. Many BoE items drop in naxx that can still be sold for a hefty profit on my server.

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ratonix
    wen Ulduar came out, Naxx was pretty much forgotten about by the good guilds. Even now that the changes have been made, i can see them goin back to Naxx, not for gear, just the fact that they will be able to clear it in like 1 hour, get the badges, gold etc. and thats that done for another week. Same goes with EoE i guess! Heroics aswell are like just purely for badges now, trade channels are back to haveing people LF tanks, healers, dps!

    You can never have enough Badges or Gold
    I'm in a 'good guild' and there's no way we're ever going back to Naxx. We've all farmed enough Conquest badges in Ulduar to buy offspec sets and full PVP sets and you get way more gold (for guild bank) by selling Ulduar BOE's on the AH or (for yourself) buying Runed Orbs with badges and selling them on the AH.

    'Good Guilds' are doing the new 25 man and hard modes in Ulduar - Naxx is not on the radar.

    Having said that, it's good for gearing an alt.

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArchonBOA
    do naxx for badges

    How do pros stay slim?
    They connect their keyboard input to a DDR pad.
    Why do you think warriors call it "stance dancing?"

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?


    No, seriously. Only do it for badges, to help guildies/alts gear up or to gear my own alts up.

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    Re: Any point doing naxx,os or maly anymore?

    Third week in a row that we are doing it 10 man. My Paladin alt is in Naxx 25 / 10 gear and tanks the place with a warrior alt in about the same gear. Our usual Ulduar 25 MT brings his healer alt and everybody else brings whoever he likes. Even with the odd alt in blues and a few crafted epic, we clear the place in about 2:30 - even lost an Undying attempt on boss 12/15 due to a DC only.

    Well, for some this is proof how retarded the game is, but here are 10 ppl who like a fun evening out with friends. It still will be a month of runs in total before I can buy the T 8.5 legs. And guess what.....nobody who has a main in Ulduar 25 hates me for it...because those mains are with me as alts and I help them too.

    After the Naxx clear, we hop on our mains and zerg Sarth 3D.

    I still get all the fun I want out of this stuff

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