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    Shadow priest question...

    Hey all!
    I have started to play a shadowpriest and i'm wondering with this gear(http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...C3%8Alun%C3%A9) is ok 2.8k dps at dummy?
    I know i'm not hit capped(working on it) and have some holy gear and gems.
    And yes i know that dummies aren't the best way to test your dps.:P
    Some tips are appreciated,Thanks Elune.

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    Re: Shadow priest question...

    Yeah, your dps is ok. Make sure you got the rotation set and to refresh your dots properly. I suggest you read shadow dps 101 if you havn't already, and go read up on shadowpriest.com. Good luck!
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    Re: Shadow priest question...

    When are people going to take the time to read the shadowpriest sticky? Your dps figure on a target dummy is completely irrelevant. The average time you take to cast MB, your DoT uptime and the amount of MF ticks you get per sec is what's relevant and that information will tell you how close you are to the theoretical max dps figure possible a lot better than asking if 2.8K is ok.

    Just to say this for the 100th time... you need to analyse that MB is being cast every 7.2sec or better, dots are up 95% of the time or better and you are getting a MF tick every 1.5 sec or better.

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    Re: Shadow priest question...

    Ok thanks for the information.

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