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    Shadow Priests and Spirit - In PvP and PvE?

    Do Shadow Priests have any serious use for Spirit in PvP and PvE?
    Is it worth taking over OR along side certain stats?
    Or should it just be skipped?

    Please take into consideration both the PvP and the PvE (both lvl80 only) aspect of the game, since i would be doing both with my Shadow Priest (separate gear sets ofc..)

    Thanks for reading and answering.

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    Re: Shadow Priests and Spirit - In PvP and PvE?

    You get spellpower from spirit in pve, in pvp you'd probably abandon those talents and glyphs. It's around 100 spellpower for me in my gear in pve (if I calculated right).

    You also get some mana regen / small amount of spellpower from spirit, if you decide to take spirit tap > imp. spirit tap

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    Re: Shadow Priests and Spirit - In PvP and PvE?

    Spirit is, uhm, fine.
    Along the dps-relevant stats it's the least important one, but you shouldn't underrate it.
    If you can substitute 10 spirit with, let's say, 10 crit rating, do it.
    If an item has about the same stats, but 20 oder 30 more spirit on it, take it.

    Spirit is useful as a sidekick stat, which you don't socket (except 2 spell/spirit-gems for crit meta) or enchant (except 10 stats on chest) for.

    Talking about PvE btw. Don't know about PvP.

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