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    Psychic Horror bugged?

    I've been doing a lot of arenas lately as shadow and sometimes try to use psychic horror as an interrupt when it means we'll get a kill and I think the ability is bugged. What I have seen several times is a mage or druid or any caster class will be casting and I'll psychic horror them, accept nothing will happen. Their cast will continue, they will not get a horror effect, or disarmed. This happened many times in 2s with a rogue partner, and threes with a warlock and shaman as partners.

    I am over hit cap as shadow because of misery, shadow focus, and some hit from gear (7.6% hit with all three up) and my spell pen is 136.

    Has anyone else noticed psychic horror just not having any effect sometimes? It is like the fear bug where sometimes you fear and you get no resist or miss, just nothing happens and your spell goes on cool down.

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    Re: Psychic Horror bugged?

    All i can think off is DR kicking in on either the fear or disarm effect on the spell..
    They might become immune to either one of those and make the spell fail to work..

    other then that i'd have no idea

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    Re: Psychic Horror bugged?

    was there a shaman on the opposing team?

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    Re: Psychic Horror bugged?

    That is what my friend thought, but it is a two minute cool down horror effect, not fear, and my rogue is not disarming a caster.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rifee
    was there a shaman on the opposing team?
    Happened against priest/mage/rogue in threes, and against druid/dk and druid/warrior, and one time against prot holy/warrior. I also just remembered it happened with no disarm or horror on a hunter/prot holy team as well.

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    Re: Psychic Horror bugged?

    I would report it as a bug on the bug forums, I havnt had any problems with it but i dont play shadow so much anymore. Only a few times since the patch.
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