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    Can use alittle advice

    My SP has 10.97 haste, 17.85% crit and 2237 selfbuffed spellpower (also hitcapped of course). Does those stats seem ok, cause my dps wont go above 3.5k. Is my haste or crit too low or my spell rotation (priority) all wrong. My Toon name is Nosebleed from the Ysera server btw since i dont know how to link WoW armory. thx for the help.

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    Re: Can use alittle advice

    Stats tell us nothing... dps is encounter specific, it's also dependant on raid buffs and class synergy. You should analyse some WWS reports about what spells you are casting etc.

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    Re: Can use alittle advice

    thx, will do

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    Re: Can use alittle advice

    find some cool rotation and that will boost ur dps,but yes raid buffs are very imortant

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