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    rate my spriest


    I've been playing priest for a long time, but only disci pvp, now I reroll to shadow and want to go pve, in past few weeks I droped/bought some gear, ench, gems etc..

    What I want from you guys is to rate my gear/spec/ench/gems, give some advice

    Thank you

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    Re: rate my spriest

    I don't know what people are trying to achieve with these posts... your gear is pretty poor, getting hit from gems is a poor source but necessary in your case. You still haven't reached the hit cap which is 289 by the way.

    I suggest you read the spriest sticky in the priest forums and then research resources such as and and then if you have any questions that aren't addressed ask them.

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    Re: rate my spriest

    Troll priest, i simpley love trolls (i prefer the female troll though over the male one)


    For Flubbie:

    this is the type of thread i guess you were looking for. Kinda useless here, no avatar to press and check the armory of the guy that just "rated" you. For all you can know he can be the best geared priest with all 'end-game' experiance, or a scrub that just got 80.

    If your looking for true advice, whisper a well geared/top guild priest on your server priest and ask him for advice, not many would say "no" unless they are busy raiding. Visit (although, with all the respect, alot of whats written there is far from being good or true, but its still a nice start).

    Good luck.

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    Re: rate my spriest

    worshaka, your priest got 0% or just old shit?

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