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    Mage about to ding 80, need some advise


    this is my mage http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...zzak&n=Vickers

    this is a char i'm going to most likly only pvp with, got 50+ k honor and 100 av marks atm

    The season 7 might be right arround the corner and it might be far off, so i guess i need to gear up with the current pvp gear.
    not too sure if my rogue friend is good enough, but i'm gonna reach 1850 for furious staff with haste
    if me and my mate ain't good enough to reach 1850 quickly we find a priest and go rmp instead (or i know a good lms team i might join)
    problem might rather be to get enough points quick

    is t7 2set bonus still the same and op for arena? (i think i read somewhere it got nerfed)

    i will go for getting the Shoulder pads and legs in naxx for set bonus and haste if noone tells me diff.

    else i might wanna pick up engi and something (not sure what yet, thinking about inscription)

    i will allso try and join wg as often as possible to get the titan forged salvation gear for more haste. not sure if i'm gonna pick any trinkets there considering i'm human and need the marks for gear.

    will it be worth it to save up 40 marks for the pants (Ilvl 232) and instead get another piece of the tier 7?

    from what i've understood i need about 500 haste, 2k sp, 5% hit (140 or something cba to look it up atm :P), close to 100 spell pen and 30-40% crit

    need some advise for gemming and enchanting, not the biggest concern, but i apriciate comments.

    last i'm looking for some advise on how to play mage and improve.

    my experience with mage is from playing with one in arena (low rating and only about 100 matches), lvling up pure frost (not being boosted or anything so at least i know the class a bit better than the others i got just by RaF and power lvling instances and i got some experience by watching some movies and stuff :

    some questions on how to play:

    is what is an perfect shatter combo?
    when i pve i usually pop water elemental trinket ice lance deep freeze 2 frostbolts and a ice lance in pvp tho i never send the seccond frostbolt just frostbolt ice lance x2

    when to use certain abilitys like ice block, nova, deep freeze, mirrors, invis, counter spell and spellsteal?

    just some tips against certain classes like if a rogue cloak sprints u u usually pop ice block til cloak is finished.

    atm the hardest spell for me to master is the spell steal, i usually in av steal when i see a pala with hand of freedom, a shammy with shield and in some other situations. but i still have a hard time mastering it (atm my ui sucks a bit too, after patch i lost about 3 important addons.

    i might post this on arenajunkies later, but got no user there atm so i'm checking if i get the info i need here.

    sry for some bad spelling :-[

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    Re: Mage about to ding 80, need some advise

    if you can get 500 haste, 40% crit and 2k sp please let me know, i would like to use that for pve lol.

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    Re: Mage about to ding 80, need some advise

    i think i'm way off on the crit, used to rogue and 40% being a bit easy obtainable :P don't know how much u should go for, but it seems not to be the most valuable stat for pvp as frost mage.

    but gaining about 500 haste and 2k sp is easy in pve

    Anyone else have any usefull info for me? (not just random crap comments ?)

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    Re: Mage about to ding 80, need some advise

    thx for answers oh wait.....

    well i've dinged 80 and kinda logged out the moment i did, but planning on getting some gear today.

    hopefully i get a raid to EoE 10 for the staff, it seems to be one of the better pvp weaps untill i get to 1850 rating
    also i might be able to join voa pugs.

    also i will be grinding honor for Hatefull gear, sending over boa 2k honor tokens from my main will help to get gear faster too. Is it best to go for pure av grinding or go for all the bg's and deliver for honor?

    gonna buy some of the deadly off set items that req highest rating to get furious version of (i.e back)

    else i'm gonna go for the wintergrasp resillience + sp proc and ToC normal haste + sp proc trinkets. good and ezy obtainable.

    gonna buy the deadly head for conquest marks since it can't drop in voa.

    else i'm still interessted in some advises on the mentioned subjects in the first post.

    now prove ur not just a bunch of noobs not knowing how to play ur own class ;D

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    Re: Mage about to ding 80, need some advise

    If you are going Frost...dont bother gemming or gearing for crit - stick with haste, sp, or resilience for gems. The Shatter talent gives you the crits, not gear.

    I assume you have done those pve raids before?

    Most of your gear choices seem fine except I probably wouldnt bother spending a lot of conquest badges on a deadly headpiece thats going to be available for honor next patch. Thats a personal choice however.

    All of the Wintergrasp stuff you mentioned is well worth going for.

    I wouldnt bother with the staff from EoE - just do TotC Heroic each day for the dagger (Spectral Kris I think its called) - its better and more easily farmed.

    2pc T7 is good but not as good as it once was, Im not convinced it would be worth the time invested in farming for those specific pieces, probably depends on how much time you have to spend. Id be pounding heroics for badge gear myself if I had a lot of time on my hands.

    In terms of general playstyle I play as Arcane, so Im not so hot on Frost-specific strategies, but I have some general tips:

    - The general best build for frost is 20/0/51. It includes Imp. CS and Torment the Weak from Arcane.

    - Vs DK's: Mage Armor, Frost Ward. Save Blink for Death Grip. Ice Block for Anti Magic Shell.

    - vs Rogues - Ice Armor. everyman for himself to be used on blind to prevent a reset, Ice Block on Clos to prevent incoming damage.

    I dont have time for any more as I am at work.

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