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    class timer

    can/how do i set up class timer to show grace stacks on my target?

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    Re: class timer

    open its settings, go to the Extras tab, type Grace in the box

    edit: i do not have WoW in front of me right now i THINK its called the Extras tab, it should be the last one

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    Re: class timer

    bleh easy enough....

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    Re: class timer

    Also: PoweAuras.
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    Re: class timer

    I've like class timer a bit more than powerauras atm.

    I was in the middle of healing a 5 man when i posted this...

    Note to self and all: Do research before posting stupid things.

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    Re: class timer

    Use Forte Xorcist instead, it's MUCH better.

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    Re: class timer

    Nez, do you have it config'd in your UI download?

    If not. Is grace posted w/ Xorcist? or do i need to add it. and if so... how?

    edit again: I don't see it in the .lua file... how do i find what the buff number is?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: class timer

    Grace is default in the latest revision of Forte Xorcist's Priest Module.

    I just checked Forte_Priest.lua, and it's there, at line 42.

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    Re: class timer

    wow i'm blind... thanks again Nezoia.

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