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    Shadow Priest proffesion.

    Hey, im thinking of change my current proffesion Tailoring to Jewelcrafting. Im still not sure about this and i thought someone from here could give me some up/downsides.

    Please tell me why you answered liek you did.

    Thanks Nymphenia!

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    Re: Shadow Priest proffesion.

    They both average out to the same spellpower benefit. Don't bother. Tailoring's proc is pretty decent too. And if you ever, ever ever go healing, the Darkglow is the best thing to ever happen since the Meta proc it was stolen from.
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    Re: Shadow Priest proffesion.

    Tailoring is the best PVE caster DPS enchant for casters. Changing it to JC would not be worth it if you are looking to dps.

    Whatever your secondary profession is should be changed to JC if your considering it for DPS.

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    Re: Shadow Priest proffesion.

    Tailoring and Jewelcrafting!

    BOTH is win!

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    Re: Shadow Priest proffesion.

    Got some stuff to think about

    I've got Tailoring and Enchanting atm btw.

    Thanks for replys, keep it coming:P

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    Re: Shadow Priest proffesion.

    Don't change your professions. They're completely fine and compliment each other.

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    Re: Shadow Priest proffesion.

    Just to give some numbers to support the reasoning:

    Tailoring: ~73.75SP -23 Haste (295 SP proc, 45s ICD, 50% proc rate; lose the 23 Haste Cloak Enchant)
    Enchanting: 46 SP bonus (2x 23SP Ring Enchant)
    Jewelcrafting: 48 SP bonus (3x 39SP Gems; lose 3x 23SP Gems)

    Tailoring is far and away the best profession for DPS casters. Jewelcrafting is technically the second best, but re-leveling a profession is NOT worth 2SP, and you don't even get the prismatic qualities of the Dragoneye's anymore.

    So, don't waste your time. Unless you have a gathering profession or don't have Tailoring, it's not worth re-leveling a profession because all of the crafting professions are within 2SP of eachother now.

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    Re: Shadow Priest proffesion.

    JC used to be the best profession by a mile until 3.2 when the JC gems stopped being counted as prismatic.

    Still JC's get the ability to have gems that suit multiple specs and there is a wide variety of special gems to choose from. Not to say Tailoring isn't too bad, it too gets something for each role you might play. Professions like mining however really only benefit one spec (that being tanking in this case).

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