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    Starting with PVP

    So I recently decided to start wow again, after a long summer break, and I have decided that I wanna PvP with my disc priest again, tired of WotLK Pve tbh! However I feel that much has changed since TBC, wintergrasp, and 2 new BGs! So I am wondering about where to start, gogo BGs in random blue/green leveling gear and get pwned 10000000000 times before you can gather enough pvp gear, or is it some other way? No starter pvp gear from factions in wotlk?

    Appreciate any help!

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    Re: Starting with PVP

    Yeah either grind BG's in PvE gear to get honor, do the WG quests weekly.

    You can also by the PvP gear with the badges taht drop from heoircs/raids.

    There is also a crafted PvP set made by tailors -


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    Re: Starting with PVP

    i guess you still have to level to 80, in case you didnt know: you can now gain experience in battlegrounds.
    and i heard its quite a lot of xp.

    so when you ding 80 you will probably have enough honor to buy some items.

    otherwise, yes, you will die alot before you get some resilience.
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    Re: Starting with PVP

    The honour cap is 75k, that's enough to buy 1 main piece, or 1-2 off-pieces.

    But hey, you can get mark capped untill you have to wait for Isle of Conquest

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    Re: Starting with PVP

    Well yea grind out the honor cap in bg's while leveling at the same time.

    There's some crafted pvp gear you can start out in. It's not exactly top-notch, but it'll at least give you some resil and hp to start with. Season 7 is starting the 27th, so i'd probably save my honor for buying deadly when it's out.

    Obviously do WG every time you have the dailies, and whenever else you have the time - there's a neat trinket from there (111 spellpower and pvp trinket use), ilvl 232 legs - and ring/bracers/belt/helm from the wg marks - which are a good way to gear fast without even spending honor on them.

    I'd also suggest you to go Trail of the Champions for some pve gear. There's really no weapons from pvp outside of 1850+ rating at the moment, and TotC drops ilvl 219 weapons for basically all classes and specs.

    Hope that helps.
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    Re: Starting with PVP

    Ty all, very good advices

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    Re: Starting with PVP

    AV gives very nice xp, balinda kills giving 12-20kish xp while lvling 70-80

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