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    Holy priest in arena

    Hi friends!

    First of all I have to say that I know "almost" nothing about priests, been playing on a 39 twink sometimes but thats all.. Sooo, I was bored today while watching my little bro and started to play around on the talent calculator. I searched up Priest and wanted to make pvp arena specc, so why not check out holy?


    There's what I could make of a holy arena specc ;D

    It would prob suck ass in 2's and 3's, but how would this turn out in a 5vs5 team? With another healer and rest dps this could maybe kick ass give me response!!

    And again, I dont play priest and I know that holy aint that viable in arena, but hey .. :P

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    Re: Holy priest in arena

    There is a topic on this matter a few posts down on this forum

    The gist of the thread is unfortunately that holy PVP isn't really viable, due to mana inefficiency and a very limited ability to keep yourself (and especially others) alive.

    Go discipline if you want to do well in PVP
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    Re: Holy priest in arena

    So many things wrong I don't even know where to begin =/

    If you don't have nor play a priest, and just came up with this for the lolz, then all I need to say is "no, this wouldn't ever work."

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    Re: Holy priest in arena

    Not only that you made a shit spec for spec that already has incredible mana problems, you also skipped mana regen talent. You'd last exactly 15 seconds before ooming yourself, if you wouldn't die before.

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    Re: Holy priest in arena

    disc priest is squishy atm warriors and rogues kill us pretty easy
    but if you were to use this spec the kill you so fast your partner
    wouldn't be help.
    But i guess it could work in 5v5 but if the other
    team switches to you your going to die.

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    Re: Holy priest in arena

    You would basically have to play with a pally. Without HoP from a pally i dont see how your going to live vs anything in arena.
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    Re: Holy priest in arena

    holy pvp makes me lol ]=
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    No, Vanish isn’t working properly and breaks when you breathe on the rogue funny.

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    Re: Holy priest in arena

    I mix and match all the time, using my PvE holy and PvP disc build.

    PvE gear as disc is great fun for PvP
    PvP gear as holy is great fun too.

    but yea, you need to have the gear.

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