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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Eyetotem
    Where did you watch attempts on Hard Modes because, to the best of my knowledge they never allowed testing on Hard Modes and none of the servers have opened up the Heroic Difficulty yet?
    They definitely did allow testing on Hard modes on the PTR for 3.2 at least on Valkyr Twins and Faction Champs.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    IMO they should make them sharing their life pools, like council in BT. That would be at least intresting.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Milamber
    I thought the point was that they aren't tankable (as in 'arena-style' / MT)
    I haven't tried Faction Champions yet at all, so I don't know how their (lack of) threat works. The fight in Magister's Terrace was definitely tankable(ish), though. Instead of having absolutely zero threat table, the mobs just have a threat table that resets every few seconds. If you sit there beating on a mob with nobody else actively hitting it, it will keep coming back to you. It's not perfect, and the mob still can turn around and hit/charge/etc someone else before you re-establish threat each time, but it still keeps the majority of the damage on the tank. We usually tanked the worst of the mobs (fury warr, ms warr, etc) when they broke CC.

    It will be interesting to see if the same thing is true on faction champions... It's also harder with more mobs, since you can't really "tank" more than one mob easily this way.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Have heard that it's a real pushover, you just kill them basically. Will see tomorrow, but I definately hope that at least they do a lot of damage....
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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Quote Originally Posted by bFusion
    Thunder, this is the appropriate link:



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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Doctavice
    Here's a comment from someone on the PTR:

    "The encounter is very much like the "arena event boss" back in Magister's Terrace.

    You face different enemies, each representing one class: a resto druid, a shadow priest, a holy priest, a hunter, a holy paladin, a rogue, a death-knight, a warrior, a warlock and an elemental shaman.."
    Sounds just like real arena representation, no mages.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    ever heard of rmp? still pretty popular afaik
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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Strategy: CC heals/ranged and dps down melee first. Switch to ranged/healers, collect free epics.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    My guild's having a bit of trouble on this encounter, and I suspect its the number of healers. We've got 5, is anyone else using more?

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Having a bit of trouble with this on 10 man. None of us pvp so it's a bit of a pain in the ass. Group we got was arms war, shadow priest, resto druid, resto sham, ret pally, and warlock. CCs kept getting dispelled and the aoe is freaking insane.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura
    So 10 posts and no definitive answer...

    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
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    Re: Faction champions ???

    in 10 man we had:
    resto shammy
    pally healer

    between the counter spells, dispells, stuns, and interrupts we made almost no headway. The best attempt we had was to knock out 2 mobs before the other 4 completely destroyed us. The warrior was by far the biggest issue

    Most of our people are not pvpers so the whole "arena" mindset is completely foreign to them.

    We tried nuking either healer first. locking up both healers and busting down the warrior and nothing seemed to work any better than the previous attempt. And pretty much every other combination of CC/burst damage that we could think of.

    Was it a bad line up, or were we doing something wrong.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Im adding this here so as not to make another thread but if some1 has any idea... there`s a trinket that drops off 25 normal ... for Horde its Reign of the Unliving or smthing like that... basically each time u crit you get a Mote of 3 you pew pew i assume u all know this mechanic... what i found it odd was that it says 2 sec cd b4 you get another flame and then it stated 2 minute cooldown on the actual blast...

    Any1 can confirm this or is it just a typo ?

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    This fight requires alot more group cooperation in the 25 man version, I suspect a hotfix real soon on the encounter. The only method I imagined would work best would be to have rogues spec FoK for interrupting the healers, and focus dps on the melee, if done in another way, the shaman and tree will out HPS your dps and the melee ends up hitting your healers like trucks.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Did you guys who thought it was hard- changed to pvp gear to counter this event (likely its not needed)? Would be surprised if you needed skills to down them given the first 2 bossess are begging on their knees when they see you to take loot and let them off.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    On 25 man, we got:

    Shadow priest
    MS Warrior
    Resto Shammy
    Tree Druid
    Demo Lock
    Ret Pally

    On 10man, we got:
    Shadow Priest
    Enhance Shammy
    Ret Pally
    Tree Druid

    We one shot the 10man, and 2 shot the 25man. We only failed on the first attempt because we thought we would stand a chance at CCing things. We gave up on that, and just zerged crap down while our Shammies dispelled hots from the tree druid.

    No, they don't really have aggro tables. You can't tank them for any amount of time intentionally, yes you can sometimes have 2-3 of them on you at once. No, they're not easy to CC effectively. Yes, they're easy to zerg down if you have even half-decent DPS. I know as a boomkin, I ended up with the rogue, DK, and hunter all on me at once for a good 15 seconds, while I hadn't even touched one of them. Had a tank try to taunt one off, no good. He beat on it for a bit, no good. You really do just have to play this like an arena match. An easy arena match, but arena nonetheless.

    Edit: Remembered what our 6th was on 10man.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Yeah we just zerged down the shammy first. Then focused down the pally healer and had priest dispell bubble when he tried. Then we downed the druid afterwards. Then we just moved to casters while having two tanks taunting the warrior and dk. It took us like 3 trys then it was gameover from there.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    The AI for the Faction Champs is pretty good. Hell, its just like PvP.... they always kill the warlocks first(seriously, 3 attempts to down and the 'locks got gang raped by the DK and rogue every time). Kidding aside, smashing throw to take out paly bubble, dispelling our Bloodlust, all very good tactics. We chose to get the shaman first as well, tried to keep the druid banished but as stated above us warlocks kept getting rocked. Once 2 healers are down its alot easier, just burn the priest and without HoTs the rest fall pretty fast.
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    Re: Faction champions ???

    In 25m we got:

    Holy Priest
    Holy Paly
    Resto Shamy

    Warrior arms

    By far the worst problem was the Dk.

    We put 2 rogues ccing the holy priest, lock and mage ccing the shamy, and mage + hunter ccing the paly for a bit, and the rest zerged the dk, cause he done A LOT of damage on the first try.

    Me as dk tank, was taunting on cd the warrior, and chains of icing he. very easy to take care of war.
    sometimes our bookin cced the warrior for a bit, with roots/cyclone, and then i taunt and chains rogue etc.

    Mage, lock and hunter was a bit annoying, but w/e...
    The funny thing is our priest Mass dispeling blood lust and ALWAYS dispelling a unstable affliction and got lik, 15k dmg every time lolz.

    We 2 shotted it

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    Fighting the faction champions was much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. On 25 I was totem stomping the resto shaman while we burned him down. Warriors broke holy pally's bubble while we interrupted and killed him, the tree was easy as well. The awesome fun was when the DK would grip me over to him, and I'd feral charge back to my target. And our mages have a vendetta against the hunter.

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    Re: Faction champions ???

    1 shot 25, even with a few seconds of "what are we killing first" confusion on vent, and realization that cc wasnt necessary (more of a hassle with aoe+diminishing returns. i think we lost 2-3 people (melee tends to mess up casters), but really just focus fire/burn and collect loot, real pushover.

    also 1 shot 10, didnt even lose anyone, just focused shaman - dk - warrior - pally - everyone else. hope heroic is actually a challenge, i recall my first attempt on princess delrissa being distinctly more difficult. and no, im not trying to be elitist, i know i raid with relatively skilled players, and that this is normal mode. but ilvl 245 loot for 1 uncoordinated and halfassed attempt is pretty sad.

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