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    Question about Anzu (raven lord)

    I always have a secret love for this mount, and I wanna know if this "strat" would work.
    My main is a shaman, I play with my gf (hunter) and I have a druid at 70.
    My idea:
    We both log our mains, get group, clear instance. I proceed to alt+f4 and log druid, she invites me, I go to there, summon the boss, wipe by death/fd. Alt+f4 again, log shaman and go there to see if the boss is still there.
    The boss will still be there? Or I will need to summon him again, thus making impossible to do it with my own druid and my own main toon.

    P.S.: I can't try it on my server, "Additional instances cannot be launched" issue is keeping me from trying to enter, so I'd like to know if it would work before going :P

    Thanks in advance people

    English is not my main language, but I try!

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    Re: Question about Anzu (raven lord)

    As long as you can get an instance to zone in to, it should work fine.

    Have your 2 mains clear the place, log your druid on, zone in and start the summon, ALT+F4 and re log on your main, kill boss.

    Just remember, your druid must have completed ALL of the quest line for the epic flying skill, in order to have the summoning item.

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    Re: Question about Anzu (raven lord)

    Instead of Alt+F4 you could just run 2 WoW's in windowed mode to cut back on start up and log in time.

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