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    Faction Champions 10man [VIDEO] ToC

    Pretty fun fight, best one I've seen blizzard put out in a while. We three shot these guys, first try took us off gaurd as they spawned on the other side of the map and we werent expecting that. So i consider it a 2 shot minus the first fuck up.

    Enjoy the Track. Annotations will show you our strategy. Post your vid show us your strat. Any one get any other NPCs?


    Heres a list of what we got and who we killed in what order
    We got 6 Here was our Kill Order
    2 DK Tyrius DuskBlade
    4 Holy Pally Valanaa
    6 Spriest Brienna NightFell
    5 Resto Druid Melador Valestrider
    3 Hunter Alyssia MoonStalker
    1 Shaman Shaabad He uses Bloodlust Kill him first

    Treat it as a Arena fight, wiki was wrong. Just cc 2 healers kill the Shaman first then back to the DK / Hunter / 2 healers and finish up w. the Spriest and hunters pet. Fun times. Thanks guys enjoy

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    Re: Faction Champions 10man [VIDEO] ToC

    if your having problems w. this encounter please refer to the video i give a run down on who to cc and what to dps

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    Re: Faction Champions 10man [VIDEO] ToC

    we just went for both healers, shaman then pala (with bloodlust) just have sm interrupt both.
    then we killed the druid(boomkin)

    also had the rogue, we just kited him with chains of ice fear sheep etc,,
    then the Enhancement shaman.
    and last the Mage u can just fully ignore him he does No damage at all

    worst 1 we've encountered so far was the Nuke from the shaman+rogue on our healer(CC those is the most important)

    nice vid btw

    we also got suprised by the way they entered leading into a wipe -.-

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    Re: Faction Champions 10man [VIDEO] ToC

    We just went shaman > priest > pally. Rest fall like cake once the first 2 healers are down. Granted it was on 25man but I doubt the 10man version is any different. We also got surprised by where they spawn. The entire raid was waiting for the gate to open and we were all standing where they jumped down.

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