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    Re: Nervous about raids :S

    Keep your attendance perfect, keep your gear and spec up to date at all times, keep ontop of any class/spec changes and know your shit.
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    Re: Nervous about raids :S

    Afford yourself every possible advantage outside of raiding.

    This means:
    Full consumables, flasks, speed potions or strength potions, health pots, stack of bandages, applicable buff food.
    Best possible enchants and gems for every slot, don't assume what to do consult a spreadsheet to understand why you're doing what someone else told you to do.

    Go into raiding looking to improve dramatically on every angle. For me I like to know every single corner of a fight, what damage is dealt when, to who, at what interval etc. Knowing this affords me the flexibility I need to always achieve maximum possible dps. When in doubt, find out what will kill you, and then aim to avoid that. Hope this helps, and hope you're less nervous your next raid. If it makes you feel any better I am applying to a new guild this coming Tuesday, and I have to live up to a lot of hype! No fear though, I am not nervous :P Happy raiding

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    Re: Nervous about raids :S

    To the OP: This has nothing to do with World of Warcraft. From the very limited things you said in the first post you might be suffering from an anxiety disorder, paranoid personality disorder, or something else. This doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you, rather that you might be suffering from some disease that can be "fixed". I suggest you see a psychologist.

    If this is not something more general, but very much foccused on WoW, or if it is more general but you rather not see a psychologist, then maybe WoW isn't the game for you and you could consider stop playing it and start playing console games which are not social (i.e., where you don't get the feeling others are dependend on you or you have to get an equal share of others). Again, this doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you, just that MMO's aren't your thing.
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    Re: Nervous about raids :S

    Quote Originally Posted by Axan

    I just started getting back into WoW and raiding after quitting for a couple of months, got into a decent raiding guild and now I'm very paranoid about some of the following;

    -I'm paranoid I won't get any gear
    -I'm paranoid nobody in the raid group will like me
    -I'm paranoid I won't do any decent DPS
    -I'm paranoid I will screw up and wipe the boss fights and everyone will blame me even though I'm trying my best
    It might not be a bad idea to speak with the GM about this. If your concerns are known from the outset, it might help to alleviate any difficulties for you during a raid.

    Most players are reasonable people. If you are (i) seen to be putting in good effort (ii) learning from your mistakes and (iii) being receptive to advice and constructive criticism when it is offered, the guild will soon warm to you.

    The bottom line, however, is that this is a game. This is entertainment, and it is there for your enjoyment. If you are not enjoying it on the basis of your anxieties, then as Zagga said, it is time to stop and seek out more relaxing pursuits.
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